Caesar Salad Caesar Salad with chicken 250with shrimps 280with chicken
(lettuce, cherry tomatoes,
cheese, Caesar sauce and croutons)
Greek SaladGreek Salad250Tomatoes, cucumbers,
pepper, lettuce,
Fitaki cheese
and balsamic sauce
Vegetable Salad  Vegetable Salad 240tomato, cucumbers, pepper, leek,
lemon and olive oil seasoning)
Texas Salad Texas Salad 250Grilled chicken,mushrooms,
salad mix
Las Vegas Las Vegas 250Chicken, tomato, cucumber,
pepper, salad mix,
Golf sauce, served in tortilla cup
Beverly Hills SaladBeverly Hills Salad250Chicken breast, salad mix,
tomatoes, lemon and
olive oil seasoning
newLimaLima270Well-known peruvian salad with bacon,
vegetables, nut sauce made in cheese cup
newCancunCancun250Сhicken breast with vegatable mix,
honey sauce and tortilla
Cleopatra’s SaladCleopatra’s Salad290Grilled beef, salad, cheese,
cherry tomatoes and eggs
vipGourmet SaladGourmet Salad260Salted salmon, salad mix
, mushrooms, lemon and
olive oil seasoning
Tuna SaladTuna Salad240Tuna, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and olivesvipRukolla with shrimps Rukolla with shrimps 320Balsamic sauce and cheese ParmesanSalad with chicken livers,grapes and balsamic sauceSalad with chicken livers,grapes and balsamic sauce260WITH CHICKEN LIVERS,
vegSalad with bean sproutsSalad with bean sprouts250With tomato,cucumbers,
lemon,indian spices
vegFresh SaladFresh Salad230Tomato,cucumber,
carrot,onion,chili pepper
vegChana ChatChana Chat240Peas, tomato,
green chili,onion,
mint with sour
and sweet sauce
Chicken ChatChicken Chat270Marinated chicken
with tomato,cucumber,
mint with sour and sweet sauce
Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚320with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝(2-8)Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝(2-8)230With sweet pepper, cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳(2-6)Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳(2-6)250With sweet pepper,cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹(2-7)Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹(2-7)250With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green in sour and sweet sauce
vipMediterranean SaladMediterranean Salad300shrimps, octopus, squid,
salad mix, special sauce
Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽300With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green,spices and soy sauce
newSalad with pork and cucumber (2-2)Salad with pork and cucumber (2-2)310pork and cucumbervipTokyo Salad(hot salad)Tokyo Salad(hot salad)300Warm salad with squids, octopus,
tilapia, sliced squash/
and balsamic sauce
Salad with beef 酱牛肉Salad with beef 酱牛肉330A hearty salad
with beef slices, cucumbers,
sweet pepper, greens in soy sauce
Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾 (2-3)Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾 (2-3) with shrimps350With chinese champignons, soy sprouts, sweet pepper,noodles,
in sour and sweet sauce
捞汁大虾 with shrimps
Los Angels Los Angels with chicken 250with shrimps 290Tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, onion,
carrots, eggs, cheese, salad mix,
croutons and nut sauce, served in tortilla
-with chicken
OlivierOlivier150OlivierCaesar Salad Caesar Salad with chicken 350with salmon 400with shrimps 380Stir-fried chicken breast,
served with lettuce Romano,
cherry tomatoes, wheat toast,
with parmesan cheese and a classic "Caesar" sauce
Salad with chinese cabbage and noodlesSalad with chinese cabbage and noodles240Japanese Burger with salmonJapanese Burger with salmon490Japanese Burger with tunaJapanese Burger with tuna450Seaweed Salad Seaweed Salad 240Tar-Tar with tuna Tar-Tar with tuna 380Tar-Tar with salmonTar-Tar with salmon410Crispy shrimp salad with wasabi sauceCrispy shrimp salad with wasabi sauce500Хрустящий салат с креветками и соусе васаби.Chicken Salad with honey based sauceChicken Salad with honey based sauce450Салат с курицей в медовом соусе.Salad with eel with Teriyaki sauceSalad with eel with Teriyaki sauce600Салат с угрем с соусом ТериякиWarm Salad with Beef and Arugula Warm Salad with Beef and Arugula 600Теплый салат с говяжьей вырезке в сливочно-горчичном соусе и салат руколлой.Warm salad with squids 西芹抢鱿鱼Warm salad with squids 西芹抢鱿鱼420With celery,with sweet pepper,
cucumber spices and soy sauce
Hot Salad with seafood Hot Salad with seafood 450Warm salad with squids, octopus,
tilapia, sliced squash/
and balsamic sauce
Avocado-Salad with shrimpsAvocado-Salad with shrimps400Shrimps avocado
with cucumbers,
Wasabi sauce
Greek SaladGreek Salad350Tomatoes, cucumbers,
pepper, lettuce,
Fitaki cheese
and balsamic sauce
Crab SaladCrab Salad300Homemade salad with crab sticks,
corn, cucumbers, rice, Chinese cabbage
dressed with homemade mayonnaise.
Russian OlivierRussian Olivier300Russian OlivierSalad with caviar (6 p)Salad with caviar (6 p)0boiled potato,sweet pepper,
olives,onion, caviar

The price should be requested
Salad in tartlets (6 p)Salad in tartlets (6 p)320Any salad of your choice
from our menu
Crab tartlets (6 p)Crab tartlets (6 p)350Meat SaladMeat Salad390ham, neat’s tongue,
mushrooms, potato,
carrot, onion, creamy sauce
Crab Salad Crab Salad 150Crab Salad


vipChupe Chupe with salmon 280with shrimps 270three types of cheese, eggs,
home-made bread and cream.
spicyParihuellaParihuella300Spicy soup with octopus, squids, mussels
and tilapia, served with home-made bread
Сreol Soup with beefСreol Soup with beef260Noodles, creamy sauce,
home-made bread
Mexican Soup with beefMexican Soup with beef260Vegetables, beens,
home-made bread
Seafood Soup(3-4)Seafood Soup(3-4)300Okroshka Okroshka with kefir 200with kwas 200Cold summer soupChinese SoupChinese Soup220Chicken,salad,noodles, onion, sesame oilMushroom cream soupMushroom cream soup240Creamy soup of fresh mushrooms,
cream and carrots,
served with homemade croutons.
Lentil SoupLentil Soup250Lentil,tomato,onion,ginger,
garlic and cream
Tomato SoupTomato Soup250Creamy tomato soup with corianderspicyTom-Yam ( 3-2) Tom-Yam ( 3-2) with shrimps 380with chicken 280With coconut milk,champignons,
soy sprouts,sweet pepper
东洋虾汤 -with shrimps
Corn SoupCorn Soup270Mashed corn with herbs
and melted milk
Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤(3-3)Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤(3-3)200Easy Chinese soup with chicken,
mushrooms with spices,
with chili sauce and garlic sauce.
Green Lentil SoupGreen Lentil Soup230Mashed Mash beans with curry
leaves and melted milk
newSpinach SoupSpinach Soup270Spinach with curry leaves
with melted milk
Any mini soup Any mini soup 110Choose from our menu


spicyPork ears  千层猪耳朵(1-2)Pork ears 千层猪耳朵(1-2)280Made in spicy sauce with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
vip Ceviche Ceviche with salmon 440with seafood 440with white fish 380marinated seafood mix in lime sauce, red onion, corn, greens
Ceviche with salmon
Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷(1-1)Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷(1-1)250with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
vipMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKAMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA400Mussels with spicy filling(6 p) EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子(1-3) EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子(1-3)360with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
TEMPURA SHRIMPS 炸面包大虾(1-4)TEMPURA SHRIMPS 炸面包大虾(1-4)430prawns
Battered Tempura
served with sweet and sour sauce Teriyaki
newMarinated cucumbers with garlic (1-5)Marinated cucumbers with garlic (1-5)240newVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce (1-7)Vegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce (1-7)210newChinese hand pies (1010)Chinese hand pies (1010)с яйцом и зеленью 140с креветками 160Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato 250Juicy wings
in excellent barbecue sauce
served with potatoes in a rural
new Fried eggplant (1-6)Fried eggplant (1-6)320Cheese crostini Cheese crostini 150Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
liberally sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top
Garlic Breadsticks Garlic Breadsticks 130Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
soaked in garlic sauce,
served with tartar sauce
Special Shrimp Chips with sauce Special Shrimp Chips with sauce 160Ideal shrimp chips,
served with a creamy shrimp sauce
CRISPYCRISPY onion rings130Fried calamaresFried calamares squids280vipFried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 400Crispy prawns
served with sweet and sour sauce
 Quesadilla with chicken Quesadilla with chicken350with chicken Julienne  (1 p)Julienne (1 p)with mushrooms 150with chicken 180with shrimps 230vipYuka Fries Yuka Fries 250Peruvian potatoes Yukas
it is definitely worth a try,
especially with cheese sauce Guang-Cain
suitable as an aperitif
and to the beers
of carrot and celery sticks,
served with tartar sauce.
vegIndian BreadIndian Breadwith cheese 150with potato 120classic 100With cheese
vegHara Bara KebabHara Bara Kebab240Potato cutlets with green peas,
soft cheese,mint and spices
vegVegan BreadVegan Bread100vipChicken PacodaChicken Pacoda280Crispy chicken served with mint sauceSamosaSamosa Chicken230With Chicken and peasvegHomemade Indian Chips Homemade Indian Chips 120Homemade Indian ChipsCheese Garlic ParataCheese Garlic Parata150Veg Samosa Veg Samosa 200vipFish Pacoda Fish Pacoda 280Fried tilapia with mint sauceSquids PacodaSquids Pacoda260Fried squids served with
mint sauce
Veg Pacoda Veg Pacoda 250Fried vegetables with
mint sauce
vipChicken Malai Tikka Chicken Malai Tikka 380Backed Chicken pieces with cashew sauce
and mint sauce
Chicken wings with tomato sauce Chicken wings with tomato sauce 280Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусомКуриные ножки Куриные ножки 320Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусом newSpicy and sweet peanut (1-8)Spicy and sweet peanut (1-8)180Lemon slices Lemon slices 120Нарезка Лимона Лайма на выбор.Olives Olives 150Маслины и Оливки на выбор.Stuffed chicken rolls with sweet and sour sauceStuffed chicken rolls with sweet and sour sauce450Куринные рулетики с кисло-сладком соусе.Spring rolls Spring rolls with chicken 390with vegetables 350Спринг ролл с курицей.Beef TartareBeef Tartare650Salmon CarpaccioSalmon Carpaccio650Beef CarpaccioBeef Carpaccio550Mini toasts with chicken spreadMini toasts with chicken spread350Mix of Ceviches Mix of Ceviches 1800Canape (6 p)Canape (6 p)with cheese and ham 270with salmon 290with chicken 270with vegetables 250Filled eggplant Filled eggplant ham 350eggplant 380-fiilled eggplants (cheese,garlic, walnut,mayo)Caviar tartlets (4 p)Caviar tartlets (4 p)0the price should be requestedMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA( 6 p)MUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA( 6 p)500Mussels with spicy filling(6 p)Brochetas with shrimpsBrochetas with shrimps370shrimps served with mix salad.Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 550Хрустящие королевские креветки
подаются с кисло-сладким соусом
Ratatouille with quail egg (6 p)Ratatouille with quail egg (6 p)350Nachos with Guaсamole souce Nachos with Guaсamole souce 370Tartlets with avocado salad (6 p)Tartlets with avocado salad (6 p)340Pie pieces (6 p)Pie pieces (6 p)with meat 350with vegetables 320Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷320with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
Indian RollIndian Roll350With chicken, vegetables,
served with mint sauce
Cevice(6 p)Cevice(6 p)590marinated seafood mix in lime sauce,
red onion, corn, greens
Peruvian canapes (6 p)Peruvian canapes (6 p)340cheese,herring,
Canapes Yapingacos (6 p)Canapes Yapingacos (6 p)350with boiled potato,
Chicken brochetas (6 p)Chicken brochetas (6 p)330Chicken brochetasGreens bouquet Greens bouquet 350Salmon Involtini Salmon Involtini 400Crepes filled with salmon, cucumbers,
sweet pepper and creamy sauce
Cold Herring with boiled potatoCold Herring with boiled potato350Filled tomatos(2 p)Filled tomatos(2 p)200with cheese,garlic,
walnut and mayo
Pickles Pickles 400marinated vegetablesVegetables plateVegetables plate550tomatos,cucumbers,
sweet pepper,
Cheese plateCheese plate650plate of different cheese
with honey and dried fruits
Cold Fish plate Cold Fish plate 600plate of smoked salmon,
halibat,white fish
Meat plateMeat plate550Mix plate of chicken rolls,
baked pork,beef tongue
and salami
Omelette with salad mix Omelette with salad mix 150Fried eggs Fried eggs 130


BurgerBurgerDionis 300Con Asado 320French 290Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers,
onion, celery and special sauce,
served with French fries)
Club- Sandwich with French fries Club- Sandwich with French fries with chicken 260cheese & ham 250Теплый американский хлеб, нежный ломтик сливочного сыра, куриная грудка, со сливочным соусом и свежими овощами, подаются в виде двух бутербродов с картофельными чипсами и картофелем Фри и кетчупом.Club-Sandwich 3D with french fries Club-Sandwich 3D with french fries with chicken350


Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese 290Classic pasta with
home meat.
Pasta Timbal Pasta Timbal 370Fettuccini with shrimps
with special creamy sauce
Pasta FettucciniPasta Fettucciniwith chicken 290with red fish 350Home-made Lasagna with garlic bread Home-made Lasagna with garlic bread 360lasagna with meat mix
ham cheese and bechamel sauce.
Served with garlic bread.
Pasta Fettuccini Dor BluePasta Fettuccini Dor Blue370Beef,mushroom,onion,
cheese,meat sauce
Pasta CarbonaraPasta Carbonara290Bacon,onion,
cheese, creamy sauce
vipPasta Fettuccini Con-AsadoPasta Fettuccini Con-Asado390Beef,meat sauce,cheesePasta Fettuccini Guan-CoinaPasta Fettuccini Guan-Coina390Beef,pepper,onion,cheese sauceFettuccini Al PestoFettuccini Al Pesto370Pasta Fettuccini with fried chicken
with Pesto sauce


Pizza DionisPizza DionisBig 380Midium 320Sliced chicken,cheesePizza MargaritaPizza MargaritaBig 300Midium 260Cheese Mozzarella,tomatoesMeat PizzaMeat PizzaBig 410Midium 350Ham,bacon,chicken,
Pizza Caesar Pizza Caesar Big 430Midium 350Chicken,mix salad,cheesePizza Four CheesePizza Four CheeseBig 380Midium 300Parmesan, Gouda, Dor Blue, MozzarellaPizza Four Seasons Pizza Four Seasons Big 370Midium 310Chicken,ham,pepperoni,

Tomato Sause 40Spicy Sauce 40Sauce Ceaser40Доп. Лук20Доп. Помидоры30Доп. Б. Перец30Доп. Грибы30Доп. Сыр40Доп. Ветчина40Доп. Курица40

Hot dishes

vipMurgi Achari TikkaMurgi Achari Tikka410Chicken marinated in the marinade of nuts,
pepper and sesame
Chicken Tikka Masala RiceChicken Tikka Masala Rice410Chicken marinated in spices with riceChicken ChakinalChicken Chakinal510Кусочки курицы тушенные в кокосовом молоке
с орехами кешью и листьями Карри
Madrash Chicken CurryMadrash Chicken Curry390Stewed chicken with curry leaves
and Tamarind sauce
 Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Chicken Tikka Masala Rice390Chicken marinated in spices with riceButter ChickenButter Chicken390Stewed chicken with tomato and onion sauceKadani Chicken MasalaKadani Chicken Masala370Stewed chicken with tomato,pepper and gingervipChicken MuglaiChicken Muglai490Куриные кусочки тушенные в ореховом соусеChicken TandooriChicken Tandoori390Chicken marinated with spices
,served with rice
Chicken Sag WalaChicken Sag Wala370Stewed chicken with spinach in creamy sauceChicken Sheek KebabChicken Sheek Kebab410Chicken kebab marinated with spices,
ginger and garlic
Chicken Biriani Chicken Biriani 400vip spicySeafood BiryaniSeafood Biryani460Seafood pilaf with kefir saucevipPrawn BirianiPrawn Biriani460vegCorn PulaoCorn Pulao320Indian pilaf with corn, tomato and Jeera spicevegVeg BiryaniVeg Biryani350soft cheese, green haricot, peas,
cauliflower and special sauce
vegKashmir PulaoKashmir Pulao350Sweet pilaf with apple,pear,pineapple,
orange,nuts and soft cheese
vip & spicy Matton BirianiMatton Biriani480Indian pilaf with lamb and
kefir sauce
Matton BunnaMatton Bunna460stewed lamb with spicy Indian saucevipMutton MuglaiMutton Muglai580Stewed lamb with cashew sauceMatton Sag WalaMatton Sag Wala490Stewed lamb with spinach in creamy saucevipPork Curry Rice Pork Curry Rice 470Spicy pork with special sauce
and rice
vipPrawn CurryPrawn Curry460Stewed prawns in spicy coconut saucePrawn Masala RicePrawn Masala Rice470Stewed prawns in tomato and onion saucePrawn Vindalo RicePrawn Vindalo Rice470Stewed prawns with potato in tomato
and onion sauce with rice
vipBusiness Lunch with chicken Business Lunch with chicken 350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Chicken Curry,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice, fresh salad
veg vipVegetarian business lunchVegetarian business lunch350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice,
fresh salad
newDumlings Dumlings sea pike 300with fish mix 300newPork dumplingsPork dumplings330newCatfish dumplings Catfish dumplings 300newBeef dumplings Beef dumplings 380newSteamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺Steamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺330vip spicyKnuckle in spicy sauceKnuckle in spicy sauce700A large portion of pork shank,
marinated in a spicy Chinese
sauce and baked in the oven.
It is a favorite dish of many guests.
A portion can be easily divided into two.
spicyCarp with vegetables  水煮鲤鱼Carp with vegetables 水煮鲤鱼720Carp in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼720With sweet pepper,tomato,
green onion,pineapples
vip spicyBalancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚Balancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚with beef tripes 700with beef 700In the spicy sauce with chinese champignons, cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed, celery and carrotь -with beef tripe

vipPeking duck 北京烤鸭Peking duck 北京烤鸭800Served with chinese pancakes,cucumber,
leek and special sauce
newLamb ribs Lamb ribs 470newСhicken rice Сhicken rice with chicken ventricles 350with chicken hearts 330newChicken thighs with rice Chicken thighs with rice 350newPork ribs with garlic Pork ribs with garlic 450vip spicyPork with vegetablesPork with vegetables620Pork in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Beijing meat Beijing meat with beef 410with chicken 360with pork 380PEKING MEAT (in sweet and sour sauce with pieces
of pineapple, sweet pepper and green onion)
古老鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyBeef tripe  香辣牛肚盖饭Beef tripe 香辣牛肚盖饭380RICE DISH (IN SPICY SAUCE WITH CELERY AND ONION)
香辣牛肚盖饭 with beef tripe
Beef with leek Beef with leek 420With sweet pepper,spices and ricespicy Meat in spicy sauceMeat in spicy saucewith chicken 370with beef 420with pork 390(with rice, eggs, champignons, pepper, soy sprouts and green onion) 宫保鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyYus-Yan with riceYus-Yan with ricewith pork 390with beef 420PORK YUS-YAN WITH RICE 鱼香猪肉盖饭
(with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo,
sweet pepper in spicy and sweet sauce)
Tilapia with tofuTilapia with tofu390veg spicyTofu with vegetables and rice  蔬菜豆腐盖饭Tofu with vegetables and rice 蔬菜豆腐盖饭340Fried tofu with sweet pepper,
green onions in a special sauce,
served with boiled rice Chinese
Burrito Burrito with chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360-With chicken Singaporean riceSingaporean ricewith beef 420with pork 390with chicken 370with shrimps 440with duck 410(rice fried with tofu, eggs, champignons,
pepper, soy sprouts and onion)
牛肉烧饭 with beef
Fajita Fajita with chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360newBuckwheat noodlesBuckwheat noodleswith chicken 380with shrimps 430with beef 400with duck 400BUCKWHEAT NOODLES
(with sweet pepper, soy sprouts, oyster sauce)
鸡肉炒荞麦面 with chicken and vegetables
QuesadillaQuesadillawith chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360Знаменитое на весь мир мексиканское блюдо,
состоящее из обжаренных ломтиков курицы и овощей
(кабачок , китайский капуста, сладкий перец)
в специальном соусе,
подается в мексиканской лепешке
с сыром сверху.с чесночном соусе,
салат пико дегаю, и аджика.
NACHOSNACHOSwith chicken 300with pork 330with beef 380240Кукурузные чипсы с обжаренными
ломтиками курицы и овощами
могут быть великолепный закуской
для компании или основным блюдом.
Подается со чесночном соусе,
аджикой и соусом Сальса.
Также добавляется сыр.
TacosTacoswith chicken 250with pork 280with beef 330Thai noodles Thai noodles with chicken 390with duck 410with beef 410with shrimps 450(with rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, sweet pepper and peanut sauce) 鸡肉炒粉 with chickenNEW STYLE FAJITA NEW STYLE FAJITA with chicken 390with pork 400with beef 420Это горячее мексиканское блюдо,
очень популярный во всем мире.
У нас он готовится по особому рецепту:
Ломтики курица обжариваются с овощным миксом
(кабачок, лук, перец, салатный микс)
в специальном соусе,
подается на горячей скороводке,
эффектно и вкусно.
К данному блюду подается лепешка
и три соуса: чесночный, аджика и Чили Перуанский
newWheat noodle Wheat noodle with beef 400with shrimps 430with duck 400with chicken 380newEgg noodleEgg noodlewith beef 400with duck 400with chicken 380with shrimps 430Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause with beef400Riсe CHAU-FARiсe CHAU-FA310Fried rice with chicken, pepper, leek, soy sauceChino SaltadoChino Saltadowith chicken 360with pork 380with beef 410Leek,salad, celery, noodles With chicken GRILLED PORK LOINGRILLED PORK LOIN410Juicy pork steak on the bone,
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile
GRILLED CHICKENGRILLED CHICKEN480Chicken on the grill served
with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.
Escaviche de PejereyEscaviche de Pejerey280crispy fish with boiled potatovipGRILLED LAMB LOINGRILLED LAMB LOIN550Pork loin on the bone
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili,
sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.
Rice “Chao-Fa” with seafoodRice “Chao-Fa” with seafood400With seafoodPORK RIBS BBQPORK RIBS BBQ450Pork ribs prepared with BBQ sauce,
served with potato wedges
vipGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauceGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauce440It is rich in protein dish of squid and grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes).
Served with Peruvian cheese sauce.
vipGrilled Mix (dish for 4 person)Grilled Mix (dish for 4 person)1800Anticuchos, pork ribs, chicken wings,
beef steak, chicken steak and pork steak
Cau-Cau with rice and potatoCau-Cau with rice and potatowith beef tripe 320with chicken 300Risotto with chicken Risotto with chicken 300Cheese and spinach saucevipMashed potato Con-Asado with beefMashed potato Con-Asado with beef400Tender pieces of beef
in meat sauce with rice and mashed potatoes
Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)330AJI DE GALLINA WITH CHICKEN,
Chicken nagets with french fries Chicken nagets with french fries 350Tender, juicy pieces of chicken fillet,
fried until golden brown,
served with French fries,
ketchup and mayonnaise.
vipSeco de CorderuSeco de Corderu420stewed lamb with rice and vegetablesnewArros TapadaArros Tapada360Rice filled with special meet and vegetables,
fried eggs and crispy bananas
Deep fried chicken with French friesDeep fried chicken with French fries390Roasted chicken
served with French fries and ketchup
vipBaked LambBaked Lamb450Potatoes, cheese and carrotsChafonita with riceChafonita with rice300Roast beef lungDor Blue Medallions served with FettucciniDor Blue Medallions served with Fettuccini410An amazing combination of juicy
pork slices, grilled
with a crème fettuccini pasta in a creamy sauce
Medallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato390-Pork vipMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato410-Beef Arros con MariscosArros con Mariscos400Rice with shrimp sauce and seafoodPork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potatoPork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potato380Crispy Chicken served with french fries Crispy Chicken served with french fries with chicken 350with pork 360vip Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms 410Beef steak with creamy pepper sauceAdovo de CerdoAdovo de Cerdo390Baked pork with rice and baked
potato and vegetables
Сordon bleuСordon bleu370Chicken Roll with cheese,
mushrooms and salad mix,
served with salad and baked potatoes
Checharon de CerdoChecharon de Cerdo430Pork ribs with baked potato
and special salad
vipBeef backed with cheese and mushroom Beef backed with cheese and mushroom 420Beef steak on the grill baked in cream sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes in a cheese cap. Served with grilled vegetablesSteaks with backed potatos Steaks with backed potatos chicken 370pork 380with beef 420Tallarin Saltado Tallarin Saltado with chicken 350with beef 380with pork 360banquetRondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)Rondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)2600Mix of crispy salmon,
squids, tilapia
Biste alo Pobre Biste alo Pobre with chicken 400with pork 420with beef 440steak, fried bananas, egg, served with rice and French fries
-chicken breast
Grilled Mix (dish for 4 person)Grilled Mix (dish for 4 person)2500Anticuchos, pork ribs, chicken wings,
beef steak, chicken steak
and pork steak
Saltado with chickenSaltado with chickenwith chicken 360with beef 400with pork 370Rice , french fries, vegetables with Chicken banquetTandoori Mix PlateTandoori Mix Plate2600Chicken Tikka,Haryali Tikka,Fish Tikka,
Prawn Tandoori,Fish Tandoori,
Fish Tikka,Lamb Sheek Kebab
,Chicken Sheek Kebab
 Shawarma “Dionis” Shawarma “Dionis”350-On a platePaella (dish for 2)Paella (dish for 2)with seafood 1500with meat 1300with seafoodvipSteak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables Steak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables 490wolfish steak with boiled vegetables and cheese sauce.VipBrochetas with shrimpsBrochetas with shrimps450This shrimp skewer with cherry tomatoes,
garnish served for freshness
mix lettuce with balsamic sauce
Anticuchos Anticuchos 380Beefs heart with baked potato
and with special Peruvian sauce
Dorado with boiled vegetables Dorado with boiled vegetables 700Grilled fish with bones
served with boiled vegetables
DORADA «DIONIS»DORADA «DIONIS»700Филе дорадо «Дионис»
с овощами на гриле
При подаче используют соус Медетерано.
Brochetas Brochetas with chicken350-Сhicken served with baked potato and special sauceAirportAirport370Pork, beef, chicken
with rice and noodles
Frejoles con seco de resFrejoles con seco de res420Beef with rice and beans
with a special green sauce
Taco-Taco with seafood    Taco-Taco with seafood 400Seafood with rice
with special sauce
Arros con camaronArros con camaron380Rice with shrimps made in coconut milk
with green banana and rice
vip SALMON STEAK SALMON STEAK490vipSeaBass with grilled vegetables SeaBass with grilled vegetables 580One piece of grilled Seabass
with grilled vegetables
and Medeterano sauce
vipTandoori Mix PlateTandoori Mix Plate1930Chicken Tikka,Haryali Tikka,Fish Tikka,
Prawn Tandoori,Fish Tandoori,
Fish Tikka,Lamb Sheek Kebab
,Chicken Sheek Kebab
vipEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetablesEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetables580Grilled european Dorado without bones,
served with grilled vegetables

vipDorado with boiled vegetables Dorado with boiled vegetables 580Grilled fish with bones
served with boiled vegetables.
vipDorado «Continental» Dorado «Continental» 650Dorado Fish fillet stuffed
with shrimps and salad
vipEuropean plaice fish Ala ChorrillanaEuropean plaice fish Ala Chorrillana750Dorado fish stuffed with seafood and vegetables

vipMix Hallea Mix Hallea 700Dish for 2
(mix crispy of giant mussels,
octopus, squids, tilapia with creole salad
and cheese and spicy sauce)
vipTrout “Titanik“Trout “Titanik“700Baked fish stuffed with seafoodvipPaella with seafood (dish for 2)Paella with seafood (dish for 2)900Famous Spanish dish, served in a panvipRondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)Rondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)1800Mix of crispy salmon, squids, tilapiaecuadorian cuisine MenestraMenestra with chicken380Сhicken with rice,lentil and green banana vip Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people650served with potato and creole saladvipCEVICHES DEL PACIFICOCEVICHES DEL PACIFICO1200tar-tar salmon, tar-tar shrimps,
ceviche with seafood, ceviche tilapia,
mussels a la chalaca
GuatitaGuatita400beef tripe made with hazelnut paste
with milk, rice, potato and avocado
vipGrilled Trout with grilled vegetablesGrilled Trout with grilled vegetables580Grilled Trout with grilled vegetablesChicken Steak with mexican mixChicken Steak with mexican mix380Chicken Steak with mexican mix.Turkey leg with butter squashTurkey leg with butter squash800Голень индейки с тушенной тыквой
и сладким соусом карри.
Grilled Austrian Ribeye with baked potatoGrilled Austrian Ribeye with baked potato1400Австрийский рибай с запеченным картофелем.Grilled pork with potatosGrilled pork with potatos900Свиная отбивная с картофелем на мангале.Lulya kebab Lulya kebab lamb 520beef 480chicken 450KebabKebabchicken 450beef 550pork ribs 450pork lion chops 550pork 500Tiger prawn with grilled vegetables Tiger prawn with grilled vegetables 900Тигровые креветки гриль с овощами гриль.Hot Fish PlateHot Fish Plate2500Catfish, salmon, pink salmon, squid, shrimp, octopus, mussels.vipSalmon steak with squidsSalmon steak with squids590Salmon steak with squidsCombo of most popular peruvian dishes with seafoodCombo of most popular peruvian dishes with seafood1400Seafood Ceviche, filled mussels, kausa with tuna, Mix Hallea with rice and special shrimp sauce. It is a must try. In one dish you can try 6!Combo of the most popular peruvian dishes Combo of the most popular peruvian dishes 1500Lamb loin (3 p)Lamb loin (3 p)750Lamb Lion with grilled potatos with Huancaína sauce and peruvian chilliShrimps or salmon on skewerShrimps or salmon on skewer450-salmon 450 r
-shrimps 450 r
served with mix salad
SeaBass with grilled vegetables SeaBass with grilled vegetables 800Целиковый Сибас на гриле
с овощами-гриль
(баклажан, болгарский перец, кабачок)
поливается соусом Медетерано
Dorado «Continental» Dorado «Continental» 800Fish fillet stuffed
with shrimps and salad
Dorado Ala ChorrillanaDorado Ala Chorrillana900Fish stuffed with
seafood and vegetables
Steak on your choice Steak on your choice pork 500beef 500Mix Hallea Mix Hallea 900Dish for 2
(mix crispy of giant mussels,
octopus, squids, tilapia
with creole salad and cheese and spicy sauce)

banquetFuneral dinner300banquetBaked dishes on your choice 500Chicken shawarma in pita150


vegAshari Aloo RiceAshari Aloo Rice270Stewed spicy potato with special sauce and ricevegBaighan BhartaBaighan Bharta290Eggplants backed in tandoor with tomato,
onion and spices
vegBaighan MasalaBaighan Masala300Fried eggplants with tomato and spicesSweet Corn SoupSweet Corn Soup270Raises Vatu, slightly increases Pitta,
Reduces Kapha
Corn, Ginger,
Cilantro, Cumin, Ghee oil
Green Dal SoupGreen Dal Soup230Balances all three Doshas
One-piece Mash, leaves of Curry, Curcuma,
Massala, Garlic, Cumin, Mustard,
Asafoetida, Ghee oil
Spinach SoupSpinach Soup270Raises Vata, calms Pitta, reduces Kapha
Fresh spinach, ginger, coriander, green chillii,
Cumin, mustard, asafistida, ghee oil
vegKadai PannerKadai Panner340Soft cheese with tomato,
pepper in tomato and
onion sauce with ginger
BreadBread100Made of wholemeal flourvegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka250Lentil with haricot in tomato sauce on firevegPalak Panner RicePalak Panner Rice340Spinach with soft cheese, indian spices and ricevegPaneer MakhaniPaneer Makhani360soft cheese in creamy tomato sauce with gingervegChana MasalaChana Masala250Peas in tomato and onion
sauce with chili pepper
Chaval ki khir Chaval ki khir 190Теплый молочный десерт из риса
и специй
vegSpring RollSpring Roll250with chinese champignons,cabbage,carrot,squach ,made in sour and sweet saucevegSalad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳250with sweet pepper,cucumber,spices and soy saucevegSalad with asparagus  凉拌腐竹Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹250with sweet pepper,cucumber,green in sour and sweet saucevegSalad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝230with sweet pepper, cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
vegSalad with bean sproutsSalad with bean sprouts250with tomato,cucumbers,
pepper,lemon,indian spices
vegFresh SaladFresh Salad230tomato,cucumber,
carrot,onion,chili pepper
vegChana ChatChana Chat240peas, tomato,green chili,onion,mint with sour and sweet saucevegVegetarian PacodaVegetarian Pacoda250crispy mix of potato,eggplant,cauliflower,
siliculose haricot,onion, served with mint sauce
vegFried PapedFried Paped120vegVegetarian SamosaVegetarian Samosa200with potato and peasvegHara Bara KebabHara Bara Kebab240potate cutlets with green peas,
soft cheese,mint and spices
vegAshari Aloo RiceAshari Aloo Rice280stewed spicy potato with
special sauce and rice
vegBaighan BhartaBaighan Bharta290eggplants backed in tandoor
with tomato, onion and spices
vegBaighan MasalaBaighan Masala300fried eggplants with
tomato and spices
vegKadai PannerKadai Panner340soft cheese with tomato,pepper
in tomato and onion sauce with ginger
vegCon PalakCon Palak330spinach with corn in creamy tomato
sauce with spices
vegPalak Panner RicePalak Panner Rice340spinach with soft cheese,
indian spices and rice
vegBIRYANI (INDIAN PILAF)BIRYANI (INDIAN PILAF)350soft cheese, green beans, peas,
cauliflower and special sauce
vegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka250Lentil with haricot in tomato sauce on firevegPaneer MakhaniPaneer Makhani360soft cheese in
creamy tomato sauce with ginger
vegChana MasalaChana Masala250Peas in tomato and onion
sauce with chili pepper
Fried chinese rice with vegetables Fried chinese rice with vegetables 360Spicy and sweet peanutSpicy and sweet peanut180Vegetable balls with sweet and sour sauceVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce210Marinated cucumbers with garlic Marinated cucumbers with garlic 240Chinese hand pies with egg & greensChinese hand pies with egg & greens140Fried bananas Fried bananas 230Fried IcecreamFried Icecream250Fried pumpkin with sweet milFried pumpkin with sweet mil200vegCorn con MushroomCorn con Mushroom260Пряная кукуруза со свежими шампиньонами
тушеная в томатном соусе
vip vegVeg Naura TinkormaVeg Naura Tinkorma480Тушеные овощи с соусом кешью
с ананасом
vegVeg HarialliVeg Harialli270vegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka260Stewed Lentil with spinac
and spices
vegMushroom con Palak Mushroom con Palak 270Stewed spinac with tomato saucevegPihdi Chana Rice Pihdi Chana Rice 360Stewed Chickpeas with Panner Cheese and
tomato-onion sauce)
vegCorn Palak Corn Palak 330Stewed spinac with corn
in creamy tomato sauce
vegKashmir PulaoKashmir Pulao350Sweet pilaf with apple,pear,pineapple,
orange,nuts and soft cheese
veg EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子360with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
vegFried Tofu with vegetables and riceFried Tofu with vegetables and rice340Fried Tofu with vegetables and spicy sauce
Sweet Dark Chocolate Roll 350White Chocolate Roll 350Mushroom Cream Soup240Greek Salad 250Veggi Salad 240Seaweed Salad with nut sauce240Seaweed Sushi60Veggi Roll 230Gulab Jamun320Khir with noodles 190Parata with potato 120Plan Parata100Cheese Parata150Veg Business Lunch350Corn Pulao320Кукуруза кон Машрум 260Вег Наура ТинКормаNaNfixVeg Harialli270Veg Dal Palak 260Corn Palak330Mushroom Spinac Palak270Pihdi Chana Rice 360Tomato SoupNaNDal Soup 250Fried eggplant320Salad with chinese cabbage & noodles 240Miso soup200


Philadelphia with salmon Philadelphia with salmon 380Canada with eel Canada with eel 370Dragon with fried shrimpsDragon with fried shrimps420Roll Dionis with eel & salmonRoll Dionis with eel & salmon450CaliforniaCaliforniawith crab 330with salmon 410Backed RollBacked Rollwith crab 300with salmon 420Fried RollFried Rollwith eel 360with salmon 390Backed Philadelphia with eel Backed Philadelphia with eel 360Fugji Maki with salmonFugji Maki with salmon360Backed Roll with salmonBacked Roll with salmon430Spicy Backed Roll with eel Spicy Backed Roll with eel 350MakiMakiwith eel 200with tuna 180Veggi RollVeggi Roll with avocado230MakiMakiwith salmon 200with avocado 180with cucumber 160Shrimp RollShrimp Roll220Tuna SushiTuna Sushi80Persh SushiPersh Sushi70Salmon SushiSalmon Sushi90Shrimp SushiShrimp Sushi80Eel SushiEel Sushi90CaviarCaviar130SeaweedSeaweed60Spicy TunaSpicy Tuna100AvocadoAvocado70Spicy EelSpicy Eel110Spicy PershSpicy Persh80Spicy SalmonSpicy Salmon110TobikoTobiko90Spicy Spicy crab 70shrimp 70


with cream-nut filling
and whipped cream.
with homemade chocolate paste
and whipped cream.
Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋(9-3)Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋(9-3)230Warm crispy bananas in batter with honeyFried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋(9-1)Fried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋(9-1)250vanilla ice cream
in hot crispy crust,
He served in the fire and orange slices.
Chocolate rolls with fruits 水果巧克力卷(9-2)Chocolate rolls with fruits 水果巧克力卷(9-2)300Chinese chocolate roll
filled with fruit, which fruit
(Slices of apple, kiwi, banana)
plate covered with chocolate, the unique taste
Chocolate kiss Chocolate kiss 2303 ice-cream scoops with whipped creamCheesecake chocolateCheesecake chocolate250newHome-made Tiramisu Home-made Tiramisu 260Итальянский многослойный
десерт с кофейным привкусом,
с сыром маскарпоне и печеньями савоярди.
newMANGO MOUSSEMANGO MOUSSE230MANGO MOUSSEChinese honey cake  蜂蜜蛋糕Chinese honey cake 蜂蜜蛋糕230Layered honey cake
with nut filling and condensed milk.
vipAlmond cakesAlmond cakescaramel and almond 250almonad and peanut 250newHome-made waffles with ice-cream Home-made waffles with ice-cream 200Apple pieApple pie with ice cream250CREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAMCREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAM210CREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAMCOTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAMCOTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAM230COTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAMGulab JamunGulab Jamun320Fried milk balls served with hot syrupCHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH ICE CREAMCHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH ICE CREAM240With chocolate ice-creamArros con leceArros con lece230warm rice with milk and plumPastel de platanoPastel de platano240ecuadorian banana pie
with plum
Ролл с Фруктовый роллРолл с Фруктовый ролл240Блинный десерт
с бананом, киви
и Маскарпоне
с вишневым соусом
Khir con Rice Khir con Rice 190Warm milk dessert
with rice and spices
Khir con CemiaKhir con Cemia190Warm milk dessert with noodle
and spices
newFried pumpkin with sweet milk( 9-4)Fried pumpkin with sweet milk( 9-4)220Chocolate Roll Chocolate Roll 350White Chocolate RollWhite Chocolate Roll350


Indian Tea with Masala and milkIndian Tea with Masala and milk360Indian Tea with Masala and milk Cranberry Tea Cranberry Tea340Cranberries, mint, lime, red tea
and mashed raspberries
Citrus tea Citrus tea 320green tea with kiwi, orange,
lemon and mint
Raspberry TeaRaspberry Tea370Cranberry juice, berries, mint and honeySea-BuckthornSea-Buckthorn380Sea-buckthorn, honey and caramel toppingSpicy Tea 0,6Spicy Tea 0,6340Ginger, pepper, cinnamon sticks,
anise, lemon, cloves, cardamom,
coriander, thyme and fennel seeds
Ginger Tea 0,6Ginger Tea 0,6380Ginger, pear, pear juice and Sencha TeaGrandma’s Tea 0,6Grandma’s Tea 0,6330Hibiscus tea, apple and orangeGRANDMA’S TEAGRANDMA’S TEA120hibiscus tea, apple,
orange and mint
Jasmine TeaJasmine Tea250selected green tea with Jasmine buds white Chinese
Milk Oolong250Americano120 Double Espresso150Пряный чай 1 л.440Облепиховый чай 1 л.480Молочный уллун 1 л.350Марокканский чай 1 л.420Малина-Маракуйя чай1 л.470Клюквенный чай 1 л.440Классический черный 1 л.350Классический зеленый 1 л.350Индийский чай с массалой и молоком 1 л.460Имбирный чай 1 л.480Жасминовый 1 л.350 Homemade tea 1 l430classical black tea250classic green tea 0,6250Halva coffee280banana coffee230peanut coffee300invigorating coffee170cacao with marshmellows180ginger coffee250Топпинг40milk80cream40cinnamon40lemon40thyme40honey40mint40Frappuccino190Raf caramel250latte200cappuccino Dionysus210cappuccino180


MojitoMojito280Сlassic, strawberry, wild berries Milkshake Milkshake280 Fresh juices (200ml) Fresh juices (200ml)190-Carrot  Fresh juices 0,2 Fresh juices 0,2 240-GrapefruitFresh juices 0,2Fresh juices 0,2210-Apple Fresh juices  0,2Fresh juices 0,2210-Orange
Солт ЛассиСолт Ласси190СвитСвит190Ласси классический с индийским акцентомЛасси классический с индийским акцентом180VIPLASSILASSI270(yogurt drink)
Pino-ColadaPino-Colada310Pineapple juice, coconut syrup,
whipped cream and ice-cream
Mango-KiwiMango-Kiwi290Мashed mango and kiwi with
pineapple juice
Cold TeaCold Tea180Манго-ВанильМанго-Ваниль290ПеликанПеликан230Tinned Cola Light  (330 ml) Tinned Cola Light (330 ml) 90Doctor Pepper Doctor Pepper 150Red Bull Red Bull 150Tinned Coca-Cola (330 ml) Tinned Coca-Cola (330 ml) 90 Fanta (330 ml) Fanta (330 ml) 90Tinned Sprite (330 ml) Tinned Sprite (330 ml) 90Фанта  0.25 Фанта 0.25 120Спрайт  0.25 Спрайт 0.25 120Bottled Coca-Cola (250 mlBottled Coca-Cola (250 ml120Mint smoothieMint smoothie240Peach juice, banana, lemon and mintdairy passionfruitdairy passionfruit310banana milkbanana milk250dairy vanilladairy vanilla250strawberry milkstrawberry milk250oat berry smoothieoat berry smoothie240Яблочный 0.5 л.Яблочный 0.5 л.240El-MariachiEl-Mariachi240fresco-cucumberfresco-cucumber200strawberry mojitostrawberry mojito310almond pomegranatealmond pomegranate260muay-thaimuay-thai260strawberry-basilstrawberry-basil240grapefruit-melongrapefruit-melon260home ice teahome ice tea180Watermelon  lemonadeWatermelon lemonade260
tropical juice Mora260Lulo jugo tropical260tropical juice Guanabana260tropical juice Maracuya260El-Mariachi480Яблочный 1 л.480fresco cucumber400Passion passionfruit500Oriente grape500berry mojito600strawberry mojito600classic mojito550almond pomegranate500raspberry ginger500Muay-Thai500citric fantasy400strawberry basil480grapefruit-melon500Домашний холодный чай 1 л.350Арбузный 1 л.500Passion passionfruit260Oriente grape260berry mojito310Raspberry-ginger260citric fantacy200apple juice160apple juice80juice tomato160juice tomato80peach juice160peach juice80multifuit juice160multifruit juice80pear juice160pear juice80grapefruit juice160grapefruit juice80Cherry juice 80grape juice80Orange juice80pineapple juice80fresh apple400fresh carrot360fresh grapefruit460fresh orange400


Bad 0,5Bad 0,5200Bad nonalcoholic 0,3Bad nonalcoholic 0,3150Гримберген 0.25 л.Гримберген 0.25 л.230Гримберген 0.5 л.Гримберген 0.5 л.335Будвайзер 0.5 л.Будвайзер 0.5 л.260Туборг 0.5 л.Туборг 0.5 л.170Крушовица темное 0.5 л.Крушовица темное 0.5 л.200Балтика 0Балтика 0160Хамовники Нефильтрованное 0.4 л.Хамовники Нефильтрованное 0.4 л.210Хамовники Венское 0.4 л.Хамовники Венское 0.4 л.210Хамовники Стаут 0.4 л.Хамовники Стаут 0.4 л.210Дионис светлое нефильтрованное 0.3 л.Дионис светлое нефильтрованное 0.3 л.190Дионис светлое нефильтрованное 0.5 л.Дионис светлое нефильтрованное 0.5 л.210Дионис светлое 0.5 л.Дионис светлое 0.5 л.190Дионис светлое 0.3 л.Дионис светлое 0.3 л.150Редс 0.3 л.Редс 0.3 л.190Сибирская Корона 0.5 л.Сибирская Корона 0.5 л.150Невское 0.5 л.Невское 0.5 л.150Крушовица светлое 0.5 л.Крушовица светлое 0.5 л.200Хугарден 0.5 лХугарден 0.5 л210Хайнекен 0.5Хайнекен 0.5200
Дионис Светлое 0.5 л. 150Сидр Яблочный 0.5 л.210Дионис Темное Нефильтрованное 0.5 л. 195


hookah on waterhookah on water600hookah on fresh orangehookah on fresh orange150hookah on fresh grapefruit hookah on fresh grapefruit 300hookah on pineapplehookah on pineapple500Premium табак  к кальяну Premium табак к кальяну 200

Side dishes

vipGrilled vegetables Grilled vegetables 230баклажан, кабачок, болгарский перец, помидор на грильLemon RiceLemon Rice150Lemon Rice Jeera Rice Jeera Rice 120 Sada Chaval Rice Sada Chaval Rice100Souces Souces Tamarind 85Sour Cream 30Mayo 30Gorcitsa 30Guan-Kaina 40Garlic 40Tar-Tar 40Кетчуп 30Guakamole 70Peruvian Chilli 40Beverly Hills 40Adjika 30Spicy Chinese 6050Mint 85TamarindTamarind sauce Tamarind sauce 50Кисло-сладкий вкусMint sauce Mint sauce 70
Lentil150Rice90Mashed potatos 110Boiled potatos with greens 100Home made potatos 110French Fries130