Chinese cuisine


Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚280with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝230With sweet pepper, cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳250With sweet pepper,cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹280With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green in sour and sweet sauce
Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽310With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green,spices and soy sauce
Warm salad with squids 西芹抢鱿鱼Warm salad with squids 西芹抢鱿鱼310With celery,with sweet pepper,
cucumber spices and soy sauce
newSalad with pork and cucumber Salad with pork and cucumber 330pork and cucumbernewSquids with carrots with sweet and sour souce 胡罗卜拌鱿鱼丝Squids with carrots with sweet and sour souce 胡罗卜拌鱿鱼丝310Squids carrots in sweet sour soucenewSalad with beef 酱牛肉Salad with beef 酱牛肉350A hearty salad
with beef slices, cucumbers,
sweet pepper, greens in soy sauce
Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾with squids 360with shrimps 360With chinese champignons, soy sprouts, sweet pepper,noodles,
in sour and sweet sauce
捞汁鱿鱼 with squids


spicyTom-Yam Tom-Yam with shrimps 290with vegetables 280with chicken 260with white fish 280With coconut milk,champignons,
soy sprouts,sweet pepper
东洋虾汤 -with shrimps
Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤230Easy Chinese soup with chicken,
mushrooms with spices,
with chili sauce and garlic sauce.
Soup with pork and shitaki 猪肉紫菜汤Soup with pork and shitaki 猪肉紫菜汤260Light soup with pork, peppers,
Chinese and shiitake mushrooms.
Seafood soup 海鲜鸡蛋汤Seafood soup 海鲜鸡蛋汤290The real Chinese soup
with the addition of whipped eggs,
and seafood
(Mussels, shrimp and squid boilers).


spicyPork ears  千层猪耳朵Pork ears 千层猪耳朵290Made in spicy sauce with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
Chicken feet   酱香鸡爪Chicken feet 酱香鸡爪260In special sauceSpring Roll 蔬菜春卷Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷250with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
Pork slices in batter
with Chinese spices and cumin,
perfect for a cold glass of beer
FRIED SQUID 炸面包鱿鱼FRIED SQUID 炸面包鱿鱼300The perfect snack
squid rings in batter
with special teriyaki sauce.
Battered Tempura
served with sweet and sour sauce Teriyaki

Hot dishes

Boiled chinese pork dumplings 猪肉水饺Boiled chinese pork dumplings 猪肉水饺320Boiled chinese pork dumplingsSteamed chinese beef dumplinds牛肉蒸饺Steamed chinese beef dumplinds牛肉蒸饺370Steamed chinese beef dumplindsvip spicyBalancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚Balancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚with beef tripes 640with squids 740with beef 690with pork 670with chicken tripes 640In the spicy sauce with chinese champignons, cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed, celery and carrotь -with beef tripe

vip spicyPork with vegetablesPork with vegetables640Pork in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
vip spicyKnuckle in spicy sauceKnuckle in spicy sauce720A large portion of pork shank,
marinated in a spicy Chinese
sauce and baked in the oven.
It is a favorite dish of many guests.
A portion can be easily divided into two.
vipPeking duck 北京烤鸭Peking duck 北京烤鸭820Served with chinese pancakes,cucumber,
leek and special sauce
SQUIDS IN OYSTER SAUCE 耗油鱿鱼盖饭SQUIDS IN OYSTER SAUCE 耗油鱿鱼盖饭420with champignons, sweet pepper,
celery, green onion
 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子370with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
Peking meatPeking meatwith chicken 360with squids 420with beef 420with pork 400PEKING MEAT (in sweet and sour sauce with pieces
of pineapple, sweet pepper and green onion)
古老鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
Singaporean riceSingaporean ricewith beef 400with shrimps 420with duck 420(rice fried with tofu, eggs, champignons,
pepper, soy sprouts and onion)
牛肉烧饭 with beef
Beef with leek Beef with leek 410With sweet pepper,spices and ricespicy Meat in spicy sauceMeat in spicy saucewith chicken 370with tofu and telapia 400with pork 410(with rice, eggs, champignons, pepper, soy sprouts and green onion) 宫保鸡肉盖饭 with chickenspicy香辣牛肚盖饭 with chicken breast·  香辣牛肚盖饭 with chicken breast· with chicken 350with pig ears 390with beef tripe 370with tofu & veggi 330RICE DISH (IN SPICY SAUCE WITH CELERY AND ONION)
香辣牛肚盖饭 with chicken breast·
spicyYus-Yan with riceYus-Yan with ricewith pork 400with beef 430PORK YUS-YAN WITH RICE 鱼香猪肉盖饭
(with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo,
sweet pepper in spicy and sweet sauce)
CHINESE RICE CHINESE RICE with chicken 370with seafood 400with vegetables 370370CHINESE RICE 鸡肉蔬菜炒米 with chickennewBuckwheat noodlesBuckwheat noodleswith chicken 370with vegetables 370with seafood 450with duck 440with pork 420BUCKWHEAT NOODLES
(with sweet pepper, soy sprouts, oyster sauce)
鸡肉炒荞麦面 with chicken and vegetables
GLASS NOODLESGLASS NOODLESwith beef 430with vegetables 380with squids 430450with sweet pepper, champignons, soy sprouts, green onion and soy sauce
牛肉炒粉条 with beef
Thai noodles Thai noodles with chicken 360with tofu 330with seafood 450(with rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, sweet pepper and peanut sauce) 鸡肉炒粉 with chickenFried Udon (noodles) Fried Udon (noodles) with chicken 360with pork 380vegetarian 340with beef 390with seafood 400BROCCOLI COOKED IN OYSTER SAUCE SERVED WITH RICEBROCCOLI COOKED IN OYSTER SAUCE SERVED WITH RICEwith chicken 360with pork 370with beef 390Блюдо, которое не оставляет вас равнодушным.
Жареная курица с брокколи, перцем и луком,
лапшой, подается с китайским рисом на пару.
Meat with champignons cooked in oyster sauce served Meat with champignons cooked in oyster sauce served with chicken 360with pork 380with beef 390spicySquid cooked with Tau-Si sauceSquid cooked with Tau-Si sauce390Broccoli and squash served with riceSquid cooked with Cau-Lan sauce Squid cooked with Cau-Lan sauce 380And squash served with ricePork cooked with garlic sauce served Pork cooked with garlic sauce served 380Medallions of pork roasted with garlic,
bell peppers, onions and oyster sauce,
Serve with Chinese steamed rice.
 Pork cooked with sweet and sour sauce served with rice Pork cooked with sweet and sour sauce served with rice390Medallions of pork fried
with bell peppers, onions in sweet and sour sauce,
Serve with Chinese steamed rice.
Riсe CHAU-FARiсe CHAU-FA320Fried rice with chicken, pepper, leek, soy saucespicyBeef Tau-SiBeef Tau-Siwith pork 360with beef 380(with rice, leek, broccoli)
Chino SaltadoChino Saltadowith chicken 350with veggies 330with pork 370with beef 390Leek,salad, celery, noodles With chicken


Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋220Warm crispy bananas in batter with honeyFried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋Fried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋230vanilla ice cream
in hot crispy crust,
He served in the fire and orange slices.
Chocolate rolls with fruits 水果巧克力卷Chocolate rolls with fruits 水果巧克力卷270Chinese chocolate roll
filled with fruit, which fruit
(Slices of apple, kiwi, banana)
plate covered with chocolate, the unique taste
Chinese honey cake  蜂蜜蛋糕Chinese honey cake 蜂蜜蛋糕210Layered honey cake
with nut filling and condensed milk.