Vegetarian cuisine


Sweet Corn SoupSweet Corn Soup270Raises Vatu, slightly increases Pitta,
Reduces Kapha
Corn, Ginger,
Cilantro, Cumin, Ghee oil
Green Dal SoupGreen Dal Soup230Balances all three Doshas
One-piece Mash, leaves of Curry, Curcuma,
Massala, Garlic, Cumin, Mustard,
Asafoetida, Ghee oil
Spinach SoupSpinach Soup270Raises Vata, calms Pitta, reduces Kapha
Fresh spinach, ginger, coriander, green chillii,
Cumin, mustard, asafistida, ghee oil
BreadBread100Made of wholemeal flourChaval ki khir Chaval ki khir 190Теплый молочный десерт из риса
и специй
vegSpring RollSpring Roll250with chinese champignons,cabbage,carrot,squach ,made in sour and sweet saucevegSalad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳250with sweet pepper,cucumber,spices and soy saucevegSalad with asparagus  凉拌腐竹Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹250with sweet pepper,cucumber,green in sour and sweet saucevegSalad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝230with sweet pepper, cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
vegSalad with bean sproutsSalad with bean sprouts250with tomato,cucumbers,
pepper,lemon,indian spices
vegFresh SaladFresh Salad230tomato,cucumber,
carrot,onion,chili pepper
vegChana ChatChana Chat240peas, tomato,green chili,onion,mint with sour and sweet saucevegVegetarian PacodaVegetarian Pacoda250crispy mix of potato,eggplant,cauliflower,
siliculose haricot,onion, served with mint sauce
vegFried PapedFried Paped120vegVegetarian SamosaVegetarian Samosa200with potato and peasvegHara Bara KebabHara Bara Kebab240potate cutlets with green peas,
soft cheese,mint and spices
vegAshari Aloo RiceAshari Aloo Rice280stewed spicy potato with
special sauce and rice
vegBaighan BhartaBaighan Bharta290eggplants backed in tandoor
with tomato, onion and spices
vegBaighan MasalaBaighan Masala300fried eggplants with
tomato and spices
vegKadai PannerKadai Panner340soft cheese with tomato,pepper
in tomato and onion sauce with ginger
vegCon PalakCon Palak330spinach with corn in creamy tomato
sauce with spices
vegPalak Panner RicePalak Panner Rice340spinach with soft cheese,
indian spices and rice
vegBIRYANI (INDIAN PILAF)BIRYANI (INDIAN PILAF)350soft cheese, green beans, peas,
cauliflower and special sauce
vegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka250Lentil with haricot in tomato sauce on firevegPaneer MakhaniPaneer Makhani360soft cheese in
creamy tomato sauce with ginger
vegChana MasalaChana Masala250Peas in tomato and onion
sauce with chili pepper
Fried chinese rice with vegetables Fried chinese rice with vegetables 360Spicy and sweet peanutSpicy and sweet peanut180Vegetable balls with sweet and sour sauceVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce210Marinated cucumbers with garlic Marinated cucumbers with garlic 240Chinese hand pies with egg & greensChinese hand pies with egg & greens140Fried bananas Fried bananas 230Fried IcecreamFried Icecream250Fried pumpkin with sweet milFried pumpkin with sweet mil200vegKashmir PulaoKashmir Pulao350Sweet pilaf with apple,pear,pineapple,
orange,nuts and soft cheese
veg EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子360with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
vegFried Tofu with vegetables and riceFried Tofu with vegetables and rice340Fried Tofu with vegetables and spicy sauce
Sweet Dark Chocolate Roll 350White Chocolate Roll 350Mushroom Cream Soup240Greek Salad 250Veggi Salad 240Seaweed Salad with nut sauce240Seaweed Sushi60Veggi Roll 230Gulab Jamun320Khir with noodles 190Parata with potato 120Plan Parata100Cheese Parata150Veg Business Lunch350Corn Pulao320Кукуруза кон Машрум 260Вег Наура ТинКормаNaNfixVeg Harialli270Veg Dal Palak 260Corn Palak330Mushroom Spinac Palak270Pihdi Chana Rice 360Tomato SoupNaNDal Soup 250Fried eggplant320Salad with chinese cabbage & noodles 240Miso soup200