About us

Our restaurant works 16 years and means a lot comparing to the number of emerging cafes in Moscow.

Most of our guests are constant and we always welcome new-coming ones. 

We serve Peruvian, Indian,Chinese, Ecuadorian, Japanese,Oriental and Vegetarian food.  We can say more, all our chefs are from Peru,China,Ecuador and Indian.

Слайдер еды: ПЕру
Слайдер еды: китай
Слайдер еды: индия

Cool? Yes, we are cool! 

We love our guests from all over the world and we also have all menus in English and Spanish! Yes,yes,yes, our cafe do speaks English not like most of the cafes in Moscow.

Now you can see how unique we are! You just need to explore it once and we will be friends forever.