Chinese cuisine


Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚Beef tripe 麻辣牛肚320with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝Salad with seaweed 蒜蓉海带丝230With sweet pepper, cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳Salad with chinese champignons 凉拌木耳250With sweet pepper,cucumber,
spices and soy sauce
Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹Salad with asparagus 凉拌腐竹250With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green in sour and sweet sauce
Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽Salad with bean sprouts and chicken 鸡肉拌豆芽300With sweet pepper,cucumber,
green,spices and soy sauce
newSalad with pork and cucumberSalad with pork and cucumber310pork and cucumberSalad with beef 酱牛肉Salad with beef 酱牛肉330A hearty salad
with beef slices, cucumbers,
sweet pepper, greens in soy sauce
Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾 Salad Lodger 捞汁大虾 with shrimps350With chinese champignons, soy sprouts, sweet pepper,noodles,
in sour and sweet sauce
捞汁大虾 with shrimps
Salad with chinese cabbage and noodlesSalad with chinese cabbage and noodles240


Seafood SoupSeafood Soup Seafood soup300A truly Chinese soup with the addition of whipped egg, cucumber and seafood such as: mussels, cocktail shrimp and squid.Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤200Easy Chinese soup with chicken,
mushrooms with spices,
with chili sauce and garlic sauce.


spicyPork ears  千层猪耳朵Pork ears 千层猪耳朵280beloved by the Chinese
snack from pork ears in hot sauce
with sweet pepper, served with
fresh cucumber and spicy sauce.
Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷250with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子360with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
Battered Tempura
served with sweet and sour sauce Teriyaki
newMarinated cucumbers with garlic Marinated cucumbers with garlic pickled cucumbers with garlic240Pickled cucumbers in a special marinade with garlic.newVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauceVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce vegetable balls210Vegetables in batter from wheat flour are served with sweet and sour sauce.newChinese hand pies Chinese hand pies с яйцом и зеленью 140с креветками 160Pie made of yeast dough stuffed, Fried eggplant Fried eggplant crispy eggplant320Large pieces of eggplant with vegetables in a hot and sweet sauce.newSpicy and sweet peanutSpicy and sweet peanut180

Hot dishes

Singaporian rice Singaporian rice with chicken 370with seafood 460with vegetables 360with beef 420with shrimps 440with duck 410with vegetables 360Favorite Chinese dish,
which is prepared both on the streets,
and in the restaurant. Fried rice with chicken,
tofu, eggs, mushrooms, peppers, soybean sprouts and onions.300
veg spicyTofu with vegetables and rice  蔬菜豆腐盖饭Tofu with vegetables and rice 蔬菜豆腐盖饭340Fried tofu with sweet pepper,
green onions in a special sauce,
served with boiled rice Chinese
newDumlings Dumlings with pike 339with fish minced meat 290Classic Chinese dumplings with tender pike.280newPork dumplingsPork dumplings330Our branded pork dumplings, handmade by the Chinese chef chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newCatfish dumplings Catfish dumplings 330Our firm dumplings with catfish, handmade from the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newBeef dumplings Beef dumplings 380Our firm dumplings with beef, handmade by the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newSteamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺Steamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺330Our branded dumplings with chicken forcemeat, handmade by the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280vip spicyKnuckle in spicy sauceKnuckle in spicy sauce700A large portion of pork shank,
marinated in a spicy Chinese
sauce and baked in the oven.
It is a favorite dish of many guests.
A portion can be easily divided into two.
spicyCarp with vegetables  水煮鲤鱼Carp with vegetables 水煮鲤鱼720Carp in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼720With sweet pepper,tomato,
green onion,pineapples
vip spicyBalancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚Balancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚with beef tripes 700with beef 700In the spicy sauce with chinese champignons, cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed, celery and carrotь -with beef tripe

vipPeking duck 北京烤鸭Peking duck 北京烤鸭800Served with chinese pancakes,cucumber,
leek and special sauce
newLamb ribs Lamb ribs 470Lamb's ribs are lightly fried in deep-fried, then with sharp-garlic sauce prepare in its meat sauce.300newСhicken rice Сhicken rice with chicken ventricles 350with chicken hearts 330Delicate slices of chicken ventricles are fried with celery and onions in hot sauce, served with Chinese rice.270newChicken thighs with rice Chicken thighs with rice 350Chicken leg in a special marinade baked and served with rice.280newPork ribs with garlic Pork ribs with garlic 450Pork ribs are cooked in a special soup, then fried in sour-sharp sauce.300vip spicyPork with vegetablesPork with vegetables620Pork in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Beijing meat Beijing meat with beef 410with chicken 360with pork 380PEKING MEAT (in sweet and sour sauce with pieces
of pineapple, sweet pepper and green onion)
古老鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyBeef tripe  香辣牛肚盖饭Beef tripe 香辣牛肚盖饭380RICE DISH (IN SPICY SAUCE WITH CELERY AND ONION)
香辣牛肚盖饭 with beef tripe
Beef with leek Beef with leek 420With sweet pepper,spices and ricespicy Meat in spicy sauceMeat in spicy saucewith chicken 370with beef 420with pork 390(with rice, eggs, champignons, pepper, soy sprouts and green onion) 宫保鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyYus-Yan with riceYus-Yan with ricewith pork 390with beef 420PORK YUS-YAN WITH RICE 鱼香猪肉盖饭
(with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo,
sweet pepper in spicy and sweet sauce)
Tilapia with tofuTilapia with tofu390Delicate slices of tilapia and tofu are fried with large-sliced vegetables in sour-sharp sauce, served with boiled Chinese rice.260newBuckwheat noodlesBuckwheat noodleswith chicken 380with shrimps 430with beef 400with duck 400BUCKWHEAT NOODLES
(with sweet pepper, soy sprouts, oyster sauce)
鸡肉炒荞麦面 with chicken and vegetables
Thai noodles Thai noodles with chicken 390with duck 410with beef 410with shrimps 450(with rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, sweet pepper and peanut sauce) 鸡肉炒粉 with chickennewWheat noodle Wheat noodle with beef 400with shrimps 430with duck 400with chicken 380Wheat noodles Udon, has useful properties and is widely distributed in eastern countries, we have it fried with sprouts of soy and sweet pepper in a special sauce with the addition of pieces of meat, served with lemon and spicy sauce.newEgg noodleEgg noodlewith beef 400with duck 400with chicken 380with shrimps 430Egg noodles are fried with mushrooms, sweet pepper, soybean sprouts, green onions in soy sauce, the main ingredient are seafood or pieces of meat.newChinese Business LunchChinese Business Lunch420On weekdays from 10-17 pm
Chicken soup, Peking chicken with rice,
sauted cucumbers,vegetable balls
and spicy peanuts
newКитайский Бизнес Ланч (овощной)Китайский Бизнес Ланч (овощной)380On weekdays from 10-17 pm
Vegetable soup, Singaporean rice,
vegetable balls, sauted cucumbers,
spicy peanuts


Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋Crispy bananas火烧冰淇淋230Warm crispy bananas in batter with honeyFried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋Fried ice-cream火烧冰淇淋250vanilla ice cream
in hot crispy crust,
He served in the fire and orange slices.
newFried pumpkin with sweet milkFried pumpkin with sweet milk220