Indian cuisine


vegSalad with bean sproutsSalad with bean sprouts270With tomato,cucumbers,
lemon,indian spices
vegFresh SaladFresh Salad230Tomato,cucumber,
carrot,onion,chili pepper
vegChana ChatChana Chat240Peas, tomato,
green chili,onion,
mint with sour
and sweet sauce
Chicken ChatChicken Chat270Marinated chicken
with tomato,cucumber,
mint with sour and sweet sauce


Lentil SoupLentil Soup270Lentil,tomato,onion,ginger,
garlic and cream
Tomato SoupTomato Soup270Creamy tomato soup with corianderCorn SoupCorn Soup270Mashed corn with herbs
and melted milk
Green Lentil SoupGreen Lentil Soup230Mashed Mash beans with curry
leaves and melted milk
newSpinach SoupSpinach Soup270Spinach with curry leaves
with melted milk


Cheese Garlic ParataCheese Garlic Parata150Classic Indian bread with cheese.vegIndian BreadIndian Breadwith cheese 150with potato 120classic 100Parata with cheese, with excellent taste,
suitable for any soup or hot dishes.
vegHara Bara KebabHara Bara Kebab240Potato cutlets with green peas,
soft cheese,mint and spices
vegVegan BreadVegan Bread100Bread from India, without using animal fats.vipChicken PacodaChicken Pacoda280Crispy chicken served with mint sauceSamosaSamosa Chicken230Classical Indian pastries with chicken fillet and spices, served with sweet and sour sauce.vegHomemade Indian Chips Homemade Indian Chips 120Chips come from hot India!Veg Samosa Veg Samosa 200Indian vegetarian patties with sweet and sour sauce tamarind.vipFish Pacoda Fish Pacoda 280Fried tilapia with mint sauceSquids PacodaSquids Pacoda260Fried squids served with
mint sauce
Veg Pacoda Veg Pacoda 250Fried vegetables with
mint sauce
vipChicken Malai Tikka Chicken Malai Tikka 380Backed Chicken pieces with cashew sauce
and mint sauce
Chicken wings with tomato sauce Chicken wings with tomato sauce 280Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусомКуриные ножки Куриные ножки 320Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусом

Hot dishes

Madrash Chicken CurryMadrash Chicken Curry410Pieces of chicken stewed in sweet and sour sauce tamarind and Indian spices served with rice. Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Chicken Tikka Masala Rice430Pieces of chicken stewed in tomato-onion sauce with cream and Indian spices,
served with Indian rice.
vipMurgi Achari TikkaMurgi Achari Tikka410Slices of tender chicken fillet
in marinade from sesame and Indian spices, is prepared in tandoori,
served with a salad mix and mint sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masala RiceChicken Tikka Masala Rice410Pieces of fresh chicken,
in marinade from kefir and Indian spices,
prepared in tandoori,
served with rice and mint sauce.
Chicken ChakinalChicken Chakinal530Slices of tender chicken stewed in coconut milk
with cashew nuts, curry leaves and a mixture of Indian spices.
Butter ChickenButter Chicken410Stewed chicken pieces
in tomato and cream sauce
with the addition of greens, ginger and cream.
Kadani Chicken MasalaKadani Chicken Masala370Pieces of chicken stew with sweet pepper, ginger and onions in tomato sauce.vipChicken MuglaiChicken Muglai510Delicate slices of chicken fillet stewed in delicate nut sauce with Indian spices.Chicken TandooriChicken Tandoori410Chicken thigh,
marinated in a masseur and Indian spices, is cooked in tandoori,
served with a salad mix,
with hot pepper and mint sauce.
Chicken Sag WalaChicken Sag Wala390Pieces of chicken stewed
with spinach in onion sauce
with the addition of ginger and Indian spices.
Chicken Sheek KebabChicken Sheek Kebab430Kabab from chicken fillet with Indian spices,
cooked in tandoori,
served with a salad mix and a fragrant mint sauce.
Chicken Biriani Chicken Biriani 420Indian pilaf with chicken is prepared with a spicy tomato, served with kefir spicySeafood BiryaniSeafood Biryani480Indian pilaf with squid, telapia and shrimp is served with kefir sauce.vipPrawn BirianiPrawn Biriani480A popular Indian pilaf with shrimps, Indian spices, served with kefir sauce.vegCorn PulaoCorn Pulao340Delicious Indian pilaf with corn,
tomatoes and seasoning of zira.
vegVeg BiryaniVeg Biryani370Indian pilaf with green beans,
green peas, cauliflower and Adyghe cheese. (as the main ingredient)
To the pilaf, Wright's kefir sauce is served.
vegKashmir PulaoKashmir Pulao370Sweet pilaf with an apple,
pear, pineapple, orange,
cashew nuts and Adyghe cheese.
vip & spicy Matton BirianiMatton Biriani500Indian pilaf with slices of tender lamb
and spicy Indian spices, served with kefir
Matton BunnaMatton Bunna480Stewed lamb
in hot sauce
with ginger, Indian spices and onions.
vipMutton MuglaiMutton Muglai600Stewed lamb in
a tender nut sauce from cashew.
Matton Sag WalaMatton Sag Wala510Fragrant stewed lamb
in a creamy sauce with spinach,
served with boiled rice.
vipPork Curry Rice Pork Curry Rice 490Spicy pork with special sauce
and rice
vipPrawn CurryPrawn Curry480Stewed prawns in spicy coconut saucePrawn Masala RicePrawn Masala Rice490Stewed prawns in tomato and onion saucePrawn Vindalo RicePrawn Vindalo Rice490Stewed prawns with potato in tomato
and onion sauce with rice
vipBusiness Lunch with chicken Business Lunch with chicken 350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Chicken Curry,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice, fresh salad
veg vipVegetarian business lunchVegetarian business lunch350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice,
fresh salad


vegPalak Panner RicePalak Panner Rice360Spinach with soft cheese, indian spices and ricevegPaneer MakhaniPaneer Makhani380soft cheese in creamy tomato sauce with gingervegAshari Aloo RiceAshari Aloo Rice290Stewed spicy potato with special sauce and ricevegBaighan BhartaBaighan Bharta310Eggplants backed in tandoor with tomato,
onion and spices
vegBaighan MasalaBaighan Masala320Fried eggplants with tomato and spicesvegKadai PannerKadai Panner360Soft cheese with tomato,
pepper in tomato and
onion sauce with ginger
vegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka270Lentil with haricot in tomato sauce on firevegChana MasalaChana Masala270Peas in tomato and onion
sauce with chili pepper
vegCorn con MushroomCorn con Mushroom260Пряная кукуруза со свежими шампиньонами
тушеная в томатном соусе
vip vegVeg Naura TinkormaVeg Naura Tinkorma440Тушеные овощи с соусом кешью
с ананасом
vegVeg HarialliVeg Harialli270Vegetables fried with Indian spices and Adyghe cheese.vegYellow Dal TadkaYellow Dal Tadka260Stewed Lentil with spinac
and spices
vegMushroom con Palak Mushroom con Palak 270Stewed spinac with tomato saucevegPihdi Chana Rice Pihdi Chana Rice 360Stewed Chickpeas with Panner Cheese and
tomato-onion sauce)
vegCorn Palak Corn Palak 330Stewed spinac with corn
in creamy tomato sauce


Gulab JamunGulab Jamun320Fried milk balls served with hot syrupKhir con Rice Khir con Rice 190Warm milk dessert
with rice and spices
Khir con CemiaKhir con Cemia190Warm milk dessert with noodle
and spices

Side dishes

Lemon RiceLemon Rice150Classic Indian rice with lemon, whole mustard, ginger and curry leaves.Jeera Rice Jeera Rice 120Indian rice with jira and cilantro. Sada Chaval Rice Sada Chaval Rice100Rice from India steamed.Tamarind sauce Tamarind sauce 50Sauce with tamarind, anise and zira.Mint sauce Mint sauce 70Indian sauce with sour taste from mint and kefir with the addition of zira and chat massa.