Italian cuisine


Caesar Salad Caesar Salad with chicken 250with shrimps 280with chicken
(lettuce, cherry tomatoes,
cheese, Caesar sauce and croutons)
Greek SaladGreek Salad250Tomatoes, cucumbers,
pepper, lettuce,
Fitaki cheese
and balsamic sauce
Vegetable Salad  Vegetable Salad 240tomato, cucumbers, pepper, leek,
lemon and olive oil seasoning)
Beverly Hills SaladBeverly Hills Salad250Chicken breast, salad mix,
tomatoes, lemon and
olive oil seasoning
Cleopatra’s SaladCleopatra’s Salad290Grilled beef, salad, cheese,
cherry tomatoes and eggs
vipGourmet SaladGourmet Salad260Salted salmon, salad mix
, mushrooms, lemon and
olive oil seasoning
Tuna SaladTuna Salad240Tuna, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and olivesvipRukolla with shrimps Rukolla with shrimps 320Balsamic sauce and cheese ParmesanSalad with chicken livers,grapes and balsamic sauceSalad with chicken livers,grapes and balsamic sauce260WITH CHICKEN LIVERS,
OlivierOlivier150OlivierCrab Salad Crab Salad 150Crab Salad


Okroshka Okroshka with kefir 200with kwas 200Cold summer soup


Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato 250Juicy wings
in excellent barbecue sauce
served with potatoes in a rural
Omelette with salad mix Omelette with salad mix 150Fried eggs Fried eggs 130


BurgerBurgerDionis 300Con Asado 320French 290Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers,
onion, celery and special sauce,
served with French fries)
Club- Sandwich with French fries Club- Sandwich with French fries with chicken 260cheese & ham 250Теплый американский хлеб, нежный ломтик сливочного сыра, куриная грудка, со сливочным соусом и свежими овощами, подаются в виде двух бутербродов с картофельными чипсами и картофелем Фри и кетчупом.Club-Sandwich 3D with french fries Club-Sandwich 3D with french fries with chicken350


Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese 290Classic pasta with
home meat.
Pasta Timbal Pasta Timbal 370Fettuccini with shrimps
with special creamy sauce
Pasta FettucciniPasta Fettucciniwith chicken 290with red fish 350Home-made Lasagna with garlic bread Home-made Lasagna with garlic bread 360lasagna with meat mix
ham cheese and bechamel sauce.
Served with garlic bread.
Pasta Fettuccini Dor BluePasta Fettuccini Dor Blue370Beef,mushroom,onion,
cheese,meat sauce
Pasta CarbonaraPasta Carbonara290Bacon,onion,
cheese, creamy sauce
vipPasta Fettuccini Con-AsadoPasta Fettuccini Con-Asado390Beef,meat sauce,cheesePasta Fettuccini Guan-CoinaPasta Fettuccini Guan-Coina390Beef,pepper,onion,cheese sauceFettuccini Al PestoFettuccini Al Pesto370Pasta Fettuccini with fried chicken
with Pesto sauce


Pizza DionisPizza DionisBig 380Midium 320Sliced chicken,cheesePizza MargaritaPizza MargaritaBig 300Midium 260Cheese Mozzarella,tomatoesMeat PizzaMeat PizzaBig 410Midium 350Ham,bacon,chicken,
Pizza Caesar Pizza Caesar Big 430Midium 350Chicken,mix salad,cheesePizza Four CheesePizza Four CheeseBig 380Midium 300Parmesan, Gouda, Dor Blue, MozzarellaPizza Four Seasons Pizza Four Seasons Big 370Midium 310Chicken,ham,pepperoni,

Tomato Sause 40Spicy Sauce 40Sauce Ceaser40

Hot dishes

GRILLED PORK LOINGRILLED PORK LOIN410Juicy pork steak on the bone,
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile
GRILLED CHICKENGRILLED CHICKEN480Chicken on the grill served
with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili,
sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.
PORK RIBS BBQPORK RIBS BBQ450Pork ribs prepared with BBQ sauce,
served with potato wedges
vipGrilled Mix (dish for 4 person)Grilled Mix (dish for 4 person)1800Anticuchos, pork ribs, chicken wings,
beef steak, chicken steak and pork steak
Risotto with chicken Risotto with chicken 300Cheese and spinach sauceChicken nagets with french fries Chicken nagets with french fries 350Tender, juicy pieces of chicken fillet,
fried until golden brown,
served with French fries,
ketchup and mayonnaise.
Deep fried chicken with French friesDeep fried chicken with French fries390Roasted chicken
served with French fries and ketchup
vipBaked LambBaked Lamb450Potatoes, cheese and carrotsDor Blue Medallions served with FettucciniDor Blue Medallions served with Fettuccini410An amazing combination of juicy
pork slices, grilled
with a crème fettuccini pasta in a creamy sauce
Medallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato390-Pork vipMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato410-Beef Pork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potatoPork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potato380Crispy Chicken served with french fries Crispy Chicken served with french fries with chicken 350with pork 360vip Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms 410Beef steak with creamy pepper sauceСordon bleuСordon bleu370Chicken Roll with cheese,
mushrooms and salad mix,
served with salad and baked potatoes
vipBeef backed with cheese and mushroom Beef backed with cheese and mushroom 420Beef steak on the grill baked in cream sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes in a cheese cap. Served with grilled vegetablesSteaks with backed potatos Steaks with backed potatos chicken 370pork 380with beef 420vipSteak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables Steak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables 490wolfish steak with boiled vegetables and cheese SALMON STEAK SALMON STEAK490vipSeaBass with grilled vegetables SeaBass with grilled vegetables 580One piece of grilled Seabass
with grilled vegetables
and Medeterano sauce
vipEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetablesEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetables580Grilled european Dorado without bones,
served with grilled vegetables

vipDorado with boiled vegetables Dorado with boiled vegetables 580Grilled fish with bones
served with boiled vegetables.
vipDorado «Continental» Dorado «Continental» 650Dorado Fish fillet stuffed
with shrimps and salad
vipEuropean plaice fish Ala ChorrillanaEuropean plaice fish Ala Chorrillana750Dorado fish stuffed with seafood and vegetables

vipTrout “Titanik“Trout “Titanik“700Baked fish stuffed with seafoodvipGrilled Trout with grilled vegetablesGrilled Trout with grilled vegetables580Grilled Trout with grilled vegetablesChicken Steak with mexican mixChicken Steak with mexican mix380Chicken Steak with mexican mix.vipSalmon steak with squidsSalmon steak with squids590Salmon steak with squids
Chicken shawarma in pita150


with cream-nut filling
and whipped cream.
with homemade chocolate paste
and whipped cream.
Chocolate kiss Chocolate kiss 2303 ice-cream scoops with whipped creamCheesecake chocolateCheesecake chocolate250newMANGO MOUSSEMANGO MOUSSE230MANGO MOUSSEChinese honey cake  蜂蜜蛋糕Chinese honey cake 蜂蜜蛋糕230Layered honey cake
with nut filling and condensed milk.
vipAlmond cakesAlmond cakescaramel and almond 250almonad and peanut 250newHome-made waffles with ice-cream Home-made waffles with ice-cream 200Apple pieApple pie with ice cream250CREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAMCREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAM210CREPES WITH STRAWBERRY JAM AND ICE-CREAMCOTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAMCOTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAM230COTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES WITH JAM AND SOUR CREAMCHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH ICE CREAMCHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH ICE CREAM240With chocolate ice-creamРолл с Фруктовый роллРолл с Фруктовый ролл240Блинный десерт
с бананом, киви
и Маскарпоне
с вишневым соусом


Side dishes

vipGrilled vegetables Grilled vegetables 230баклажан, кабачок, болгарский перец, помидор на гриль
Lentil150Rice90Mashed potatos 110Boiled potatos with greens 100Home made potatos 110French Fries130