Меню — Ресторан Перуанской кухни в Москве "Дионис"

Peruvian cuisine


Las Vegas Las Vegas 250Chicken, tomato, cucumber,
pepper, salad mix,
Golf sauce, served in tortilla cup
newLimaLima270Well-known peruvian salad with bacon,
vegetables, nut sauce made in cheese cup
Texas Salad Texas Salad 250Grilled chicken,mushrooms,
salad mix
newCancunCancun250Сhicken breast with vegatable mix,
honey sauce and tortilla
vipMediterranean SaladMediterranean Salad300shrimps, octopus, squid,
salad mix, special sauce
vipTokyo Salad(hot salad)Tokyo Salad(hot salad)300Warm salad with squids, octopus,
tilapia, sliced squash/
and balsamic sauce
Los Angels Los Angels with chicken 250with shrimps 290Tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, onion,
carrots, eggs, cheese, salad mix,
croutons and nut sauce, served in tortilla
-with chicken


vipChupe Chupe with salmon 319with shrimps 319three types of cheese, eggs,
home-made bread and cream.
spicyParihuellaParihuella328Spicy soup with octopus, squids, mussels
and tilapia, served with home-made bread
Сreol Soup with beefСreol Soup with beef260Noodles, creamy sauce,
home-made bread
Mexican Soup with beefMexican Soup with beef260Vegetables, beens,
home-made bread
Chinese SoupChinese Soup220Chicken,salad,noodles, onion, sesame oilMushroom cream soupMushroom cream soup240Creamy soup of fresh mushrooms,
cream and carrots,
served with homemade croutons.
hitPho BoоPho Boо390Famous Vietnamese soup with beef,
rice noodles and greens900 гр.


vip Ceviche Ceviche with salmon 490with white fish 480with seafood 490marinated seafood mix in lime sauce, red onion, corn, greens
Ceviche with salmon
newPapa RellenaPapa Rellenawith chicken 380vegetable 380with beef 380Peruvian potato dish with meet and vegetables,
goes with cheese sauce and spicy salad
vipMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKAMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA400Mussels with spicy filling(6 p)Cheese crostini Cheese crostini 150Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
liberally sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top
Garlic Breadsticks Garlic Breadsticks 130Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
soaked in garlic sauce,
served with tartar sauce
Special Shrimp Chips with sauce Special Shrimp Chips with sauce 160Ideal shrimp chips,
served with a creamy shrimp sauce
CRISPYCRISPY onion rings130Onion rings in breading, served with tar-tar sauce.Fried calamaresFried calamares squids280Onion rings in breading, served with tar-tar sauce.vipFried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 400Crispy prawns
served with sweet and sour sauce
vipYuka Fries Yuka Fries 250Peruvian potatoes Yukas
it is definitely worth a try,
especially with cheese sauce Guang-Cain
suitable as an aperitif
and to the beers
of carrot and celery sticks,
served with tartar sauce.

Hot dishes

AirportAirport370Pork, beef, chicken
with rice and noodles
Riсe CHAU-FARiсe CHAU-FA310Fried rice with chicken, pepper, leek, soy sauceRice “Chao-Fa” with seafoodRice “Chao-Fa” with seafood400With seafoodvipMashed potato Con-Asado with beefMashed potato Con-Asado with beef400Tender pieces of beef
in meat sauce with rice and mashed potatoes
newЧичарон с пюре из нутаЧичарон с пюре из нута400Pork ribs with chickpeas puree
and spicy onion/tomato sauce
Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause with beef400500 гр.Chino SaltadoChino Saltadowith chicken 360with pork 380with beef 410The unique taste of noodles with slices of vegetables (zucchini, Leek leek, Chinese cabbage) and pieces of meat and fried in oyster sauce.Escaviche de PejereyEscaviche de Pejerey280crispy fish with boiled potatovipGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauceGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauce440It is rich in protein dish of squid and grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes).
Served with Peruvian cheese sauce.
Cau-Cau with rice and potatoCau-Cau with rice and potatowith beef tripe 320with chicken 300Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)330AJI DE GALLINA WITH CHICKEN,
vipSeco de CorderuSeco de Corderu420stewed lamb with rice and vegetablesnewArros TapadaArros Tapada360Rice filled with special meet and vegetables,
fried eggs and crispy bananas
Chafonita with riceChafonita with rice300Roast beef lungArros con MariscosArros con Mariscos400Rice with shrimp sauce and seafoodAdovo de CerdoAdovo de Cerdo390Baked pork with rice and baked
potato and vegetables
Checharon de CerdoChecharon de Cerdo430Pork ribs with baked potato
and special salad
Tallarin Saltado Tallarin Saltado with chicken 350with beef 380with pork 360Biste alo Pobre Biste alo Pobre with chicken 400with pork 420with beef 440steak, fried bananas, egg, served with rice and French fries
-chicken breast
Saltado with chickenSaltado with chickenwith chicken 360with beef 400with pork 370Rice , french fries, vegetables with Chicken  Shawarma “Dionis” Shawarma “Dionis”350-On a plate400 гр.VipBrochetas with shrimpsBrochetas with shrimps450This shrimp skewer with cherry tomatoes,
garnish served for freshness
mix lettuce with balsamic sauce
Anticuchos Anticuchos 380Beefs heart with baked potato
and with special Peruvian sauce
Brochetas Brochetas with chicken350-Сhicken served with baked potato and special sauceFrejoles con seco de resFrejoles con seco de res420Beef with rice and beans
with a special green sauce
Taco-Taco with seafood    Taco-Taco with seafood 400Seafood with rice
with special sauce
Arros con camaronArros con camaron380Rice with shrimps made in coconut milk
with green banana and rice
vipMix Hallea Mix Hallea 700Dish for 2
(mix crispy of giant mussels,
octopus, squids, tilapia with creole salad
and cheese and spicy sauce)
vipPaella with seafood (dish for 2)Paella with seafood (dish for 2)900Famous Spanish dish, served in a panvipRondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)Rondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)1800Mix of crispy salmon, squids, tilapiaecuadorian cuisine MenestraMenestra with chicken380Сhicken with rice,lentil and green banana vip Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people650served with potato and creole salad1200 гр.vipCEVICHES DEL PACIFICOCEVICHES DEL PACIFICO1200tar-tar salmon, tar-tar shrimps,
ceviche with seafood, ceviche tilapia,
mussels a la chalaca
GuatitaGuatita400beef tripe made with hazelnut paste
with milk, rice, potato and avocado


Arros con leceArros con lece230warm rice with milk and plumPastel de platanoPastel de platano240ecuadorian banana pie
with plum


Mango ShakeMango Shake350