Горячие блюда банкетного меню — Ресторан «Дионис»

Indian cuisine / Hot dishes

Madrash Chicken CurryMadrash Chicken Curry410Pieces of chicken stewed in sweet and sour sauce tamarind and Indian spices served with rice. Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Chicken Tikka Masala Rice430Pieces of chicken stewed in tomato-onion sauce with cream and Indian spices,
served with Indian rice.
vipMurgi Achari TikkaMurgi Achari Tikka410Slices of tender chicken fillet
in marinade from sesame and Indian spices, is prepared in tandoori,
served with a salad mix and mint sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masala RiceChicken Tikka Masala Rice410Pieces of fresh chicken,
in marinade from kefir and Indian spices,
prepared in tandoori,
served with rice and mint sauce.
Chicken ChakinalChicken Chakinal530Slices of tender chicken stewed in coconut milk
with cashew nuts, curry leaves and a mixture of Indian spices.
Butter ChickenButter Chicken410Stewed chicken pieces
in tomato and cream sauce
with the addition of greens, ginger and cream.
Kadani Chicken MasalaKadani Chicken Masala370Pieces of chicken stew with sweet pepper, ginger and onions in tomato sauce.vipChicken MuglaiChicken Muglai510Delicate slices of chicken fillet stewed in delicate nut sauce with Indian spices.Chicken TandooriChicken Tandoori410Chicken thigh,
marinated in a masseur and Indian spices, is cooked in tandoori,
served with a salad mix,
with hot pepper and mint sauce.
Chicken Sag WalaChicken Sag Wala390Pieces of chicken stewed
with spinach in onion sauce
with the addition of ginger and Indian spices.
Chicken Sheek KebabChicken Sheek Kebab430Kabab from chicken fillet with Indian spices,
cooked in tandoori,
served with a salad mix and a fragrant mint sauce.
Chicken Biriani Chicken Biriani 420Indian pilaf with chicken is prepared with a spicy tomato, served with kefir sauce.vip spicySeafood BiryaniSeafood Biryani480Indian pilaf with squid, telapia and shrimp is served with kefir sauce.vipPrawn BirianiPrawn Biriani480A popular Indian pilaf with shrimps, Indian spices, served with kefir sauce.vegCorn PulaoCorn Pulao340Delicious Indian pilaf with corn,
tomatoes and seasoning of zira.
vegVeg BiryaniVeg Biryani370Indian pilaf with green beans,
green peas, cauliflower and Adyghe cheese. (as the main ingredient)
To the pilaf, Wright's kefir sauce is served.
vegKashmir PulaoKashmir Pulao370Sweet pilaf with an apple,
pear, pineapple, orange,
cashew nuts and Adyghe cheese.
vip & spicy Matton BirianiMatton Biriani500Indian pilaf with slices of tender lamb
and spicy Indian spices, served with kefir
Matton BunnaMatton Bunna480Stewed lamb
in hot sauce
with ginger, Indian spices and onions.
vipMutton MuglaiMutton Muglai600Stewed lamb in
a tender nut sauce from cashew.
Matton Sag WalaMatton Sag Wala510Fragrant stewed lamb
in a creamy sauce with spinach,
served with boiled rice.
vipPork Curry Rice Pork Curry Rice 490Spicy pork with special sauce
and rice
vipPrawn CurryPrawn Curry480Stewed prawns in spicy coconut saucePrawn Masala RicePrawn Masala Rice490Stewed prawns in tomato and onion saucePrawn Vindalo RicePrawn Vindalo Rice490Stewed prawns with potato in tomato
and onion sauce with rice
vipBusiness Lunch with chicken Business Lunch with chicken 350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Chicken Curry,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice, fresh salad
veg vipVegetarian business lunchVegetarian business lunch350Any soup,
indian classic bread,
Vegetarian Makhan,
Sada Chaval Rice,
fresh salad

Peruvian cuisine / Hot dishes

AirportAirport370Pork, beef, chicken
with rice and noodles
Riсe CHAU-FARiсe CHAU-FA310Fried rice with chicken, pepper, leek, soy sauceRice “Chao-Fa” with seafoodRice “Chao-Fa” with seafood400With seafoodvipMashed potato Con-Asado with beefMashed potato Con-Asado with beef400Tender pieces of beef
in meat sauce with rice and mashed potatoes
newЧичарон с пюре из нутаЧичарон с пюре из нута400Pork ribs with chickpeas puree
and spicy onion/tomato sauce
Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause Beef with mushrooms served with oyster sause with beef400500 гр.Chino SaltadoChino Saltadowith chicken 360with pork 380with beef 410The unique taste of noodles with slices of vegetables (zucchini, Leek leek, Chinese cabbage) and pieces of meat and fried in oyster sauce.Escaviche de PejereyEscaviche de Pejerey280crispy fish with boiled potatovipGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauceGrilled squids and grilled vegetables served with cheese sauce440It is rich in protein dish of squid and grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes).
Served with Peruvian cheese sauce.
Cau-Cau with rice and potatoCau-Cau with rice and potatowith beef tripe 320with chicken 300Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)Aji de Gallina with chicken, cheese sauce and rice)330AJI DE GALLINA WITH CHICKEN,
vipSeco de CorderuSeco de Corderu420stewed lamb with rice and vegetablesnewArros TapadaArros Tapada360Rice filled with special meet and vegetables,
fried eggs and crispy bananas
Chafonita with riceChafonita with rice300Roast beef lungArros con MariscosArros con Mariscos400Rice with shrimp sauce and seafoodAdovo de CerdoAdovo de Cerdo390Baked pork with rice and baked
potato and vegetables
Checharon de CerdoChecharon de Cerdo430Pork ribs with baked potato
and special salad
Tallarin Saltado Tallarin Saltado with chicken 350with beef 380with pork 360Biste alo Pobre Biste alo Pobre with chicken 400with pork 420with beef 440steak, fried bananas, egg, served with rice and French fries
-chicken breast
Saltado with chickenSaltado with chickenwith chicken 360with beef 400with pork 370Rice , french fries, vegetables with Chicken  Shawarma “Dionis” Shawarma “Dionis”350-On a plate400 гр.VipBrochetas with shrimpsBrochetas with shrimps450This shrimp skewer with cherry tomatoes,
garnish served for freshness
mix lettuce with balsamic sauce
Anticuchos Anticuchos 380Beefs heart with baked potato
and with special Peruvian sauce
Brochetas Brochetas with chicken350-Сhicken served with baked potato and special sauceFrejoles con seco de resFrejoles con seco de res420Beef with rice and beans
with a special green sauce
Taco-Taco with seafood    Taco-Taco with seafood 400Seafood with rice
with special sauce
Arros con camaronArros con camaron380Rice with shrimps made in coconut milk
with green banana and rice
vipMix Hallea Mix Hallea 700Dish for 2
(mix crispy of giant mussels,
octopus, squids, tilapia with creole salad
and cheese and spicy sauce)
vipPaella with seafood (dish for 2)Paella with seafood (dish for 2)900Famous Spanish dish, served in a panvipRondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)Rondo Dionis (Show- dish for 4)1800Mix of crispy salmon, squids, tilapiaecuadorian cuisine MenestraMenestra with chicken380Сhicken with rice,lentil and green banana vip Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people Pork Leg served with potatoes and Creole salad for 2 people650served with potato and creole salad1200 гр.vipCEVICHES DEL PACIFICOCEVICHES DEL PACIFICO1200tar-tar salmon, tar-tar shrimps,
ceviche with seafood, ceviche tilapia,
mussels a la chalaca
GuatitaGuatita400beef tripe made with hazelnut paste
with milk, rice, potato and avocado

Chinese cuisine / Hot dishes

Singaporian rice Singaporian rice with chicken 390with seafood 460with vegetables 360with beef 420with shrimps 440with duck 410with vegetables 360Favorite Chinese dish,
which is prepared both on the streets,
and in the restaurant. Fried rice with chicken,
tofu, eggs, mushrooms, peppers, soybean sprouts and onions.300
veg spicyTofu with vegetables and rice  蔬菜豆腐盖饭Tofu with vegetables and rice 蔬菜豆腐盖饭360Fried tofu with sweet pepper,
green onions in a special sauce,
served with boiled rice Chinese
newDumlings Dumlings with pike 359with fish minced meat 310Classic Chinese dumplings with tender pike.280newPork dumplingsPork dumplings350Our branded pork dumplings, handmade by the Chinese chef chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newCatfish dumplings Catfish dumplings 350Our firm dumplings with catfish, handmade from the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newBeef dumplings Beef dumplings 400Our firm dumplings with beef, handmade by the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280newSteamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺Steamed chinese chicken dumplinds牛肉蒸饺350Our branded dumplings with chicken forcemeat, handmade by the chef of the Chinese chef. Served with spicy soy sauce.280vip spicyKnuckle in spicy sauceKnuckle in spicy sauce720A large portion of pork shank,
marinated in a spicy Chinese
sauce and baked in the oven.
It is a favorite dish of many guests.
A portion can be easily divided into two.
spicyCarp with vegetables  水煮鲤鱼Carp with vegetables 水煮鲤鱼740Carp in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼Fried carp in sour and sweet sauce 松鼠鲤鱼740With sweet pepper,tomato,
green onion,pineapples
vip spicyBalancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚Balancegur 麻辣香锅牛肚with beef tripes 720with beef 720In the spicy sauce with chinese champignons, cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed, celery and carrotь -with beef tripe

vipPeking duck 北京烤鸭Peking duck 北京烤鸭820Served with chinese pancakes,cucumber,
leek and special sauce
newLamb ribs Lamb ribs 490Lamb's ribs are lightly fried in deep-fried, then with sharp-garlic sauce prepare in its meat sauce.300newСhicken rice Сhicken rice with chicken ventricles 370with chicken hearts 350Delicate slices of chicken ventricles are fried with celery and onions in hot sauce, served with Chinese rice.270newChicken thighs with rice Chicken thighs with rice 370Chicken leg in a special marinade baked and served with rice.280newPork ribs with garlic Pork ribs with garlic 470Pork ribs are cooked in a special soup, then fried in sour-sharp sauce.300vip spicyPork with vegetablesPork with vegetables640Pork in spicy and oily sauce
with chinese champignons,
cabbage,soy sprouts,seaweed,
celery and carrot
Beijing meat Beijing meat with beef 430with chicken 380with pork 400PEKING MEAT (in sweet and sour sauce with pieces
of pineapple, sweet pepper and green onion)
古老鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyBeef tripe  香辣牛肚盖饭Beef tripe 香辣牛肚盖饭400RICE DISH (IN SPICY SAUCE WITH CELERY AND ONION)
香辣牛肚盖饭 with beef tripe
Beef with leek Beef with leek 440With sweet pepper,spices and ricespicy Meat in spicy sauceMeat in spicy saucewith chicken 390with beef 440with pork 410(with rice, eggs, champignons, pepper, soy sprouts and green onion) 宫保鸡肉盖饭 with chicken
spicyYus-Yan with riceYus-Yan with ricewith pork 410with beef 440PORK YUS-YAN WITH RICE 鱼香猪肉盖饭
(with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo,
sweet pepper in spicy and sweet sauce)
Tilapia with tofuTilapia with tofu410Delicate slices of tilapia and tofu are fried with large-sliced vegetables in sour-sharp sauce, served with boiled Chinese rice.260newBuckwheat noodlesBuckwheat noodleswith chicken 400with shrimps 450with beef 420with duck 420BUCKWHEAT NOODLES
(with sweet pepper, soy sprouts, oyster sauce)
鸡肉炒荞麦面 with chicken and vegetables
Thai noodles Thai noodles with chicken 410with duck 430with beef 430with shrimps 470(with rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, sweet pepper and peanut sauce) 鸡肉炒粉 with chickennewWheat noodle Wheat noodle with beef 420with shrimps 450with duck 420with chicken 400Wheat noodles Udon, has useful properties and is widely distributed in eastern countries, we have it fried with sprouts of soy and sweet pepper in a special sauce with the addition of pieces of meat, served with lemon and spicy sauce.newEgg noodleEgg noodlewith beef 420with duck 420with chicken 400with shrimps 450Egg noodles are fried with mushrooms, sweet pepper, soybean sprouts, green onions in soy sauce, the main ingredient are seafood or pieces of meat.newChinese Business LunchChinese Business Lunch420On weekdays from 10-17 pm
Chicken soup, Peking chicken with rice,
sauted cucumbers,vegetable balls
and spicy peanuts
newКитайский Бизнес Ланч (овощной)Китайский Бизнес Ланч (овощной)380On weekdays from 10-17 pm
Vegetable soup, Singaporean rice,
vegetable balls, sauted cucumbers,
spicy peanuts

Mexican cuisine / Hot dishes

Burrito Burrito with chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360-With chicken Fajita Fajita with chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360QuesadillaQuesadillawith chicken 300with pork 330with beef 360Знаменитое на весь мир мексиканское блюдо,
состоящее из обжаренных ломтиков курицы и овощей
(кабачок , китайский капуста, сладкий перец)
в специальном соусе,
подается в мексиканской лепешке
с сыром сверху.с чесночном соусе,
салат пико дегаю, и аджика.
NACHOSNACHOSwith chicken 300with pork 330with beef 380240Кукурузные чипсы с обжаренными
ломтиками курицы и овощами
могут быть великолепный закуской
для компании или основным блюдом.
Подается со чесночном соусе,
аджикой и соусом Сальса.
Также добавляется сыр.
TacosTacoswith chicken 250with pork 280with beef 330NEW STYLE FAJITA NEW STYLE FAJITA with chicken 390with pork 400with beef 420Это горячее мексиканское блюдо,
очень популярный во всем мире.
У нас он готовится по особому рецепту:
Ломтики курица обжариваются с овощным миксом
(кабачок, лук, перец, салатный микс)
в специальном соусе,
подается на горячей скороводке,
эффектно и вкусно.
К данному блюду подается лепешка
и три соуса: чесночный, аджика и Чили Перуанский

Italian cuisine / Hot dishes

vip Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms Pepper steak with risotto and mushrooms 410Beef steak with creamy pepper sauce500 гр.GRILLED PORK LOINGRILLED PORK LOIN410Juicy pork steak on the bone,
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile450 гр.
GRILLED CHICKENGRILLED CHICKEN480Chicken on the grill served
with new potatoes
grilled and chili sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.600 гр.
served with new potatoes
grilled and chili,
sauce Guang-Cain and Peruvian Chile.500 гр.
PORK RIBS BBQPORK RIBS BBQ450Pork ribs prepared with BBQ sauce,
served with potato wedges450 гр.
vipGrilled Mix (dish for 4 person)Grilled Mix (dish for 4 person)1800Anticuchos, pork ribs, chicken wings,
beef steak, chicken steak and pork steak
Risotto with chicken Risotto with chicken 300Cheese and spinach sauce330 гр.Chicken nagets with french fries Chicken nagets with french fries 350Tender, juicy pieces of chicken fillet,
fried until golden brown,
served with French fries,
ketchup and mayonnaise.
Deep fried chicken with French friesDeep fried chicken with French fries390Roasted chicken
served with French fries and ketchup500 гр.
vipBaked LambBaked Lamb450Potatoes, cheese and carrots500 гр.Dor Blue Medallions served with FettucciniDor Blue Medallions served with Fettuccini410An amazing combination of juicy
pork slices, grilled
with a crème fettuccini pasta in a creamy sauce400 гр.
Medallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato390-Pork 350 гр.vipMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potatoMedallions with mustard sauce served with backed potato410-Beef Pork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potatoPork Medallions with boiled vegetables and potato pork medallions with vegetables380Medallions of pork with balsamic sauce "Medetaranno" with boiled potatoes and broccoli.400 гр.Crispy Chicken served with french fries Crispy Chicken served with french fries with chicken 350with pork 360400 гр.Сordon bleuСordon bleu370Chicken Roll with cheese,
mushrooms and salad mix,
served with salad and baked potatoes400 гр.
vipBeef backed with cheese and mushroom Beef backed with cheese and mushroom 420Beef steak on the grill baked in cream sauce with mushrooms and tomatoes in a cheese cap. Served with grilled vegetables400 гр.Steaks with backed potatos Steaks with backed potatos chicken 370pork 380with beef 420450 гр.vipSteak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables Steak Salmon with cheese souce and boiled vegetables 590wolfish steak with boiled vegetables and cheese sauce.vip SALMON STEAK SALMON STEAK590The tenderest salmon on the grill is served with young potatoes and tar-tar sauce.vip GRILLED EUROPEAN PLAICE WITH POTATO GRILLED EUROPEAN PLAICE WITH POTATO470With potatoes on the grill,
served with two sauces and Peruvian Juan-Cain
vipSeaBass with grilled vegetables SeaBass with grilled vegetables 580One piece of grilled Seabass
with grilled vegetables
and Medeterano sauce
vipEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetablesEuropean plaice fish “Dionis“ with grilled vegetables580Grilled european Dorado without bones,
served with grilled vegetables

vipDorado with boiled vegetables Dorado with boiled vegetables 580Grilled fish with bones
served with boiled vegetables.
vipDorado «Continental» Dorado «Continental» 650Dorado Fish fillet stuffed
with shrimps and salad
vipEuropean plaice fish Ala ChorrillanaEuropean plaice fish Ala Chorrillana750Dorado fish stuffed with seafood and vegetables

vipTrout “Titanik“Trout “Titanik“700Baked fish stuffed with seafoodvipGrilled Trout with grilled vegetablesGrilled Trout with grilled vegetables580Grilled Trout with grilled vegetablesChicken Steak with mexican mixChicken Steak with mexican mix380Chicken Steak with mexican mix.350 гр.vipSalmon steak with squidsSalmon steak with squids630Salmon steak with squids
Chicken shawarma in pita150

Банкетное Меню / Hot dishes

банкетноеОкорок ягненка  Окорок ягненка 1800Окорок маринованный в белом вине
с ароматными травами и свежими овощами
подается с соусом Демигляс1 кг
банкетноеБуженина в пряном маринаде Буженина в пряном маринаде 1450Свиная шейка начиненная овощами,
маринованная в зернистой горчице
с репчатым луком и оливковым маслом1 кг
банкетноеКаре Ягненка Каре Ягненка 2100Корейка молодого ягненка предварительно обжаренная с чесноком и размарином
и запеченная на корнеплодах подается
с гарниром из баклажан и кедрового ореха
с вишневым соусом1 кг
банкетноеГовядина на ребре Говядина на ребре 1800Запеченный толстый край молодой говядины
маринованный в травах,
овощах и красном вине со специями
подается с острым соусом порту1 кг
банкетноеГовядина "Велингтон"  Говядина "Велингтон" 3500Говяжья вырезка обжаренная в специях
на сливочном масле обернутая в пармскую ветчину
с пюре из белых грибов
и запеченная в слоеном тесте1 кг
банкетноеИндейка запеченная Индейка запеченная 1500Тушка индейки запеченная
в цитрусовом маринаде с добавлением корицы,
подается с печеной кукурузой1 кг
банкетноеРулька Баварская Рулька Баварская 1450Свиная рулька маринованная пикантным маринадом,томленая при низкой температуре
и запеченная в медовой глазури подается с тушеной капустой1 кг
банкетноеУтка по-пекински Утка по-пекински 1400Тушка утки запеченная до хрустящей корочки по фирменному рецепту китайского Шеф - повара1 кгбанкетноеГусь запеченный с яблоками  Гусь запеченный с яблоками 1600Запеченный гусь, маринованный
по старинному русскому рецепту
в рассоле из под моченых яблок1 кг
банкетноеСемга "Фламбе"Семга "Фламбе"3600Фаршированная тушка лосося
с гарниром из зеленых овощей
при подачи фламбируется1 кг
банкетноеЖареный карп в кисло сладком соусеЖареный карп в кисло сладком соусе800Карп приготовленный по фирменному рецепту
Китайского Шеф - повара1 шт
банкетноеКатаплана с дарами моря  Катаплана с дарами моря 1390Ассорти морепродуктов томленые
с овощами в белом вине
с добавлением специй1 кг
банкетноеПраздничная Паэлья классическаяПраздничная Паэлья классическая1250Традиционное блюдо Испании с рисом,
морепродуктами нежным куриным филе и овощами1 кг
банкетноеИндийское ассорти  Индийское ассорти 2400Чикен тика, харяли тика, фишь тика, прон тандури, фиш тандури, лемб шик кебаб, чикен шик кебаб, мятный соус1 кгбанкетноеШашлык Шашлык из свинины 490кебаб из баранины 550кебаб из курицы 440из баранины 550из курицы 440из телятины 550200банкетноеБанкетные гарниры Банкетные гарниры 190Кукуруза
Отварной картофель с зеленью
Овощи на гриле (цена сезонная)
Кенийская фасоль с броколли
Мини Картофель/Картошка Фри/Гохан
Индийский плов
Картофель по-деревенски150