Супы - Кафе «Дионис»

Indian cuisine / Soups

Lentil SoupLentil Soup270Lentil,tomato,onion,ginger,
garlic and cream
Tomato SoupTomato Soup270Creamy tomato soup with corianderCorn SoupCorn Soup270Mashed corn with herbs
and melted milk
Green Lentil SoupGreen Lentil Soup230Mashed Mash beans with curry
leaves and melted milk
newSpinach SoupSpinach Soup270Spinach with curry leaves
with melted milk

Peruvian cuisine / Soups

vipChupe Chupe with salmon 319with shrimps 319three types of cheese, eggs,
home-made bread and cream.
spicyParihuellaParihuella328Spicy soup with octopus, squids, mussels
and tilapia, served with home-made bread
Сreol Soup with beefСreol Soup with beef260Noodles, creamy sauce,
home-made bread
Mexican Soup with beefMexican Soup with beef260Vegetables, beens,
home-made bread
Chinese SoupChinese Soup220Chicken,salad,noodles, onion, sesame oilMushroom cream soupMushroom cream soup240Creamy soup of fresh mushrooms,
cream and carrots,
served with homemade croutons.
hitPho BoоPho Boо390Famous Vietnamese soup with beef,
rice noodles and greens900 гр.

Chinese cuisine / Soups

Seafood SoupSeafood Soup Seafood soup300A truly Chinese soup with the addition of whipped egg, cucumber and seafood such as: mussels, cocktail shrimp and squid.Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤Chinise chicken soup with mushrooms 香菇鸡汤200Easy Chinese soup with chicken,
mushrooms with spices,
with chili sauce and garlic sauce.

Japanese cuisine / Soups

Miso soupMiso soup200Водоросли, Кунжут, Мисо паста, Хандаши, Рис, Соевый соус, Тофу
400 гр.


Okroshka Okroshka with kefir 220with kwas 220Okroshka is a cold soup, a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. As a rule, it is made up of vegetables that are neutral to taste (for example, potatoes, turnips, rutabaga), to which are added herbs, boiled eggs and, finally, dressing.On kefir and kvass.spicyTom-YamTom-Yam with shrimps 380with chicken 280With coconut milk,champignons,
soy sprouts,sweet pepper
东洋虾汤 -with shrimps