Indian cuisine / Snacks

vegIndian BreadIndian Breadwith cheese 150with potato 120classic 100With cheese
vegHara Bara KebabHara Bara Kebab240Potato cutlets with green peas,
soft cheese,mint and spices
vegVegan BreadVegan Bread100vipChicken PacodaChicken Pacoda280Crispy chicken served with mint sauceSamosaSamosa Chicken230With Chicken and peasvegHomemade Indian Chips Homemade Indian Chips 120Homemade Indian ChipsCheese Garlic ParataCheese Garlic Parata150Veg Samosa Veg Samosa 200vipFish Pacoda Fish Pacoda 280Fried tilapia with mint sauceSquids PacodaSquids Pacoda260Fried squids served with
mint sauce
Veg Pacoda Veg Pacoda 250Fried vegetables with
mint sauce
vipChicken Malai Tikka Chicken Malai Tikka 380Backed Chicken pieces with cashew sauce
and mint sauce
Chicken wings with tomato sauce Chicken wings with tomato sauce 280Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусомКуриные ножки Куриные ножки 320Подаются с теплым томатно-чесночным соусом

Peruvian cuisine / Snacks

vip Ceviche Ceviche with salmon 440with seafood 440with white fish 380marinated seafood mix in lime sauce, red onion, corn, greens
Ceviche with salmon
vipMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKAMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA400Mussels with spicy filling(6 p)Cheese crostini Cheese crostini 150Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
liberally sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top
Garlic Breadsticks Garlic Breadsticks 130Homemade croutons of bread Borodino
soaked in garlic sauce,
served with tartar sauce
Special Shrimp Chips with sauce Special Shrimp Chips with sauce 160Ideal shrimp chips,
served with a creamy shrimp sauce
CRISPYCRISPY onion rings130Fried calamaresFried calamares squids280vipFried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 400Crispy prawns
served with sweet and sour sauce
vipYuka Fries Yuka Fries 250Peruvian potatoes Yukas
it is definitely worth a try,
especially with cheese sauce Guang-Cain
suitable as an aperitif
and to the beers
of carrot and celery sticks,
served with tartar sauce.

Chinese cuisine / Snacks

spicyPork ears  千层猪耳朵Pork ears 千层猪耳朵280Made in spicy sauce with sweet pepper,
cucumber and spices
Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷250with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子 EGGPLANTS YUS-YAN 鱼香茄子360with mushrooms,
sweet pepper, celery
Battered Tempura
served with sweet and sour sauce Teriyaki
newMarinated cucumbers with garlic Marinated cucumbers with garlic 240newVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauceVegetable balls with sweet and sour sauce210newChinese hand pies Chinese hand pies с яйцом и зеленью 140с креветками 160new Fried eggplant Fried eggplant 320newSpicy and sweet peanutSpicy and sweet peanut180

Italian cuisine / Snacks

Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato Chicken wings “Barbeque ” with backed potato 250Juicy wings
in excellent barbecue sauce
served with potatoes in a rural
Omelette with salad mix Omelette with salad mix 150Fried eggs Fried eggs 130

Banquet menu / Snacks

 Quesadilla with chicken Quesadilla with chicken350with chicken Julienne  (1 p)Julienne (1 p)with mushrooms 150with chicken 180with shrimps 230Lemon slices Lemon slices 120Нарезка Лимона Лайма на выбор.Olives Olives 150Маслины и Оливки на выбор.Stuffed chicken rolls with sweet and sour sauceStuffed chicken rolls with sweet and sour sauce450Куринные рулетики с кисло-сладком соусе.Spring rolls Spring rolls with chicken 390with vegetables 350Спринг ролл с курицей.Beef TartareBeef Tartare650Salmon CarpaccioSalmon Carpaccio650Beef CarpaccioBeef Carpaccio550Mini toasts with chicken spreadMini toasts with chicken spread350Mix of Ceviches Mix of Ceviches 1800Canape (6 p)Canape (6 p)with cheese and ham 270with salmon 290with chicken 270with vegetables 250Filled eggplant Filled eggplant ham 350eggplant 380-fiilled eggplants (cheese,garlic, walnut,mayo)Caviar tartlets (4 p)Caviar tartlets (4 p)0the price should be requestedMUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA( 6 p)MUSSELS ALLA CHALAKA( 6 p)500Mussels with spicy filling(6 p)Brochetas with shrimpsBrochetas with shrimps370shrimps served with mix salad.Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce Fried shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 550Хрустящие королевские креветки
подаются с кисло-сладким соусом
Ratatouille with quail egg (6 p)Ratatouille with quail egg (6 p)350Nachos with Guaсamole souce Nachos with Guaсamole souce 370Tartlets with avocado salad (6 p)Tartlets with avocado salad (6 p)340Pie pieces (6 p)Pie pieces (6 p)with meat 350with vegetables 320Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷Spring Roll 蔬菜春卷320with chinese champignons,cabbage
,carrot,squach ,made
in sour and sweet sauce
Indian RollIndian Roll350With chicken, vegetables,
served with mint sauce
Cevice(6 p)Cevice(6 p)590marinated seafood mix in lime sauce,
red onion, corn, greens
Peruvian canapes (6 p)Peruvian canapes (6 p)340cheese,herring,
Canapes Yapingacos (6 p)Canapes Yapingacos (6 p)350with boiled potato,
Chicken brochetas (6 p)Chicken brochetas (6 p)330Chicken brochetasGreens bouquet Greens bouquet 350Salmon Involtini Salmon Involtini 400Crepes filled with salmon, cucumbers,
sweet pepper and creamy sauce
Cold Herring with boiled potatoCold Herring with boiled potato350Filled tomatos(2 p)Filled tomatos(2 p)200with cheese,garlic,
walnut and mayo
Pickles Pickles 400marinated vegetablesVegetables plateVegetables plate550tomatos,cucumbers,
sweet pepper,
Cheese plateCheese plate650plate of different cheese
with honey and dried fruits
Cold Fish plate Cold Fish plate 600plate of smoked salmon,
halibat,white fish
Meat plateMeat plate550Mix plate of chicken rolls,
baked pork,beef tongue
and salami